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There are a number of ways to ensure you get your CV out to recruiters for job applications, but once they have arrived you need to make certain that your CV will be read by a recruiter or even better – the hiring manager.

There are a few strategies to put into place that may take a bit longer to complete, but they will greatly improve the chances of your CV being picked up and chosen for an interview. Let’s take a look at some of these strategies to help boost your job-seeking efforts. 

1. Tailor Your CV Properly

Tailor your CV for each application you go for. You will want to create the right first impression and impress the recruiter, so get this done by demonstrating that you have the necessary skills to perform the job. Do this by reading through the job description and edit your CV to include those much sought-after skills that the employer is looking for in an employee. Make sure these skills stand out to anyone reading your CV.

The most effective place to note these skills would be within the first quarter of your CV as this is what the recruiters will see when it is first opened.

2. Keep it Short and Sharp

Let’s face it, busy recruiters don’t have the spare time available to read an overly wordy cover letter as well as your whole CV, especially if it runs on over a number of pages. It is crucial to keep your cover letter and your CV short and sharp if you want to deliver all of your key information quickly without losing their interest – around 2 pages is ideal.

3. Highlight Achievements

Don’t worry about coming across as overly boastful with your achievements. Your CV is like your sales copy to help you to sell yourself to your next employer. Your CV should excite your readers by telling them just how perfect you are for the role.

You do this by explaining how your experience and achievements better equip you for this role over anyone else. Make sure you highlight your most valuable skills and link them with all the important aspects of the position on offer.

How to Write A CV

4. Approach Recruiters Professionally

Being polite and courteous with your approach to recruiters is obvious, but you also must remember to approach them in a professional manner. A generic ‘to whom it may concern’ is not going to win you any favour, so take the time to determine the names and correct titles for the hiring manager when addressing your application. If you are applying for a job through.

LinkedIn, you should be able to see the posters profile. While it is optional for employers to release the information of the job poster when they do it always wise to address them directly.

5. Maintain Good Relationships

In addition to applying online or via more traditional postal methods, spend some time reaching out to recruiters and hiring managers or other key members of staff to get them into your network. It will be easier to get conversations started and you never know what opportunities will be opened up to you. It may be that you miss out on one opportunity only to be invited in for another in the not too distant future.

Maintaining good connections with recruiters can keep you at the forefront of their mind should another position become vacant.

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Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter, founder of London CV writing service StandOut CV and author of The Ultimate CV Writing Guide .

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