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There are numerous ideas related to yoga, its origin, what it’s all about, and how to perform a range of techniques. Generally, yoga is a science of self-realization and control of the activities of the mind.

Dating more than two thousand years ago, yoga is a practice that appreciates the multi-dimensional nature of a human being and primarily relates to the nature and working of the mind, based on self-inquiry and experimental practice where the body, mind, and breath are seen as a union.

Yoga and its various techniques nurture the experience of that union, resulting in greater integration of being, clarity of mind and internal peacefulness.

So What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

1. Emotional Health Boost

A majority of exercises have been proven to aid people with depression feel better, and yoga is not an exception. When practised in a group setting, yoga stimulates the production of oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone. Besides, practising mindfulness through meditation and yoga also leads to higher happiness levels.

2. Memory Boost

The benefits of performing yoga may even extend to your brain. Many people refer to yoga as getting rid of the physical and mental trash. This practice reduced physical tension and emotional stress, and as a result, one can recall easier and have more organized thoughts.

3. It Helps You Focus

A crucial aspect of yoga is focusing on the present. Studies have revealed that regular yoga practice improves reaction time, coordination, memory, and even IQ scores. Individuals who practice meditative yoga demonstrate the ability to recall information and solve problems better – probably because they are less distracted by their thoughts.

A wavering focus is a major cause of low productivity and efficiency at the workplace.

While a lack of concentration is the mother of all follies, achieving a better focus is not difficult when one knows where to look for help. Of the numerous focus improvement options available, yoga is probably the oldest and time-tested method that can get you closer to your goal.

Are you finding it hard to focus on your work? Are you constantly distracted by emotional clutter?

Here are Some Yoga Poses That Will Help You Get Back Your Focus

Pose #1. Thunderbolt Pose

As a result of its fabulous benefits, this pose has also been branded the diamond pose. Besides helping you meditate and focus on work better, this pose also offers cure from different digestive disorders while at the same time strengthening your knees and thighs. Individuals who are suffering from knee injuries can opt for this pose.

This pose aids in warding off unnecessary thoughts and drives you to the present moment. Being in the present lets you focus on the job at hand instead of thinking about the past or future.

How to perform this pose

  • Sit down on a yoga mat or the floor and let your hips rest on your heels
  • Close your eyes and let your palms rest on the thighs
  • Keep the spine upright and focus on your breath for five minutes. With practice, you can increase the duration

Pose #2. The Child Pose – Balasana

There’s something unique about children – their ability to be peaceful and amazing flexibility. You can do it too though it might take some time, particularly if you have an extended waistline. Besides helping stretch the back, spine, neck and shoulder, this pose lets you relax completely, and a relaxed mind concentrates better. This pose is nothing but pure comfort. This pose incorporates a cleansing breathing technique that polishes the forehead and brings waves of freshness to the brain cells.

How to do this pose

  • Sit on the floor and spread your knees mat width while allowing the big toes to be in contact
  • Take a deep breath and exhale slowly as you allow your body to fall forward
  • Stretch your hands allowing the palms to rest on the mat
  • Remain in that position and focus on your breathing for ten minutes
  • To exit this position, take a deep breath and lift your body slowly.

Pose #3. The Tree Pose

This pose offers the best combination of body balance and improved brain concentration so that you can focus on work. What’s more exciting about this pose is that it utilizes an alternate nostril breathing technique that cleans all the vital energy channels, paving the way for better concentration. This pose brings the fleeting mind to a stand-still and this calmness is the foundation of solid concentration.

How to Do this pose

  • Start by standing upright then slowly shift your body weight to the left leg
  • Once you are stable, try and hold your right foot and pull it close to the groin
  • Raise both of your hands and join them together
  • Take long inhales and exhales for several minutes

Pose #4. Seated Meditative Pose

Meditation has been studied exhaustively for its brain-boosting and focus-enhancing benefits. Mindfulness meditation, which entails focusing on a single aspect such as breathing is associated with better brain focus, as well as reduced anxiety and stress.

How to Practice This Pose

  • Sit in any comfortable position
  • Place each hand on your knee and breathe naturally without trying to control your breath
  • Notice the flow of your breath as you make deep inhalations and exhalations
  • When the mind wanders, just bring it back to your breath, and that’s it. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes a day

Pose #5. The Eagle Pose

Although the notion that balancing postures can aid in concentration and focus on work is quite intuitive, the eagle pose is particularly beneficial for cultivating focus. This pose soothes the nerves in the body and instantly relaxes the mind. No wonder the result is the much-needed awareness and focus of mind.

How to Do This Pose

  • Start by standing upright
  • Bend your left leg, cross it over the right knee and try to hook it behind the right calf
  • Now cross your left elbow above your right elbow, wrap your arms around each other until you bring your palms together
  • Keep your back upright and stare focuses like an eagle as you inhale and exhale deeply through your nose

Whenever you are feeling scatter-brained or frazzled during a busy day, take a break and clear your mind with one of these yoga poses and get back to your office desk reenergized for more work.

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