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Dieter Uchtdorf says, “As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness.” 

Yoga is now accounted to be a whopping 9-billion-dollar industry. Diving into the world of yoga is beneficial on all levels – spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

You can pursue your passion for yoga and earn a good amount of money. Both are possible, and hundreds of people all around the world are doing it. There are so many people all around the world who have yoga jobs that are deeply involved in the world of yoga.

They love their lives because they do what they love and also make a considerable amount of money from it. This is one of the best times to be alive, where you can live life on your terms and help other people become the best version of themselves through yoga.

Participating in the yoga boom is an excellent service you can offer to the world. Yoga teaches us to be selfless in our deeds. Yoga also teaches us that when we live for others, to help others, to do something for someone else without expecting anything in return, we live a life of pure yoga. 

Now more than ever, in times of great global turmoil where financial and political systems are changing drastically, the world and its people need something that will help them find peace within.

Playing a pivotal role in bringing yoga, peace, and healing to people can be one of the most fantastic yoga jobs as a human being. Putting in time and effort, in making this world a better place with yoga is one of the most satisfying things.

Many of us have come to this world to help others and to be of service to the world. Participating in the yoga world by spreading yoga and its ancient teachings in whatever way you feel called to the need of the hour. 

Life today is moving fast with technological advancements and globalization. In this fast-moving life, people are now feeling the need to slow down, breathe, and truly connect to themselves.

As a yoga lover and yoga enthusiast, you have a tremendous and exciting responsibility. It is the responsibility and the chance to help people find a deeper connection to themselves, to mother nature, to each other, and the world at large through yoga. 

There are so many things, places, and ways in which you can contribute to the world of yoga. There is a place for everyone to contribute. Whether you’re a writer, a teacher, a healer, a businesswoman, a health enthusiast, or an artist, there is so much you can do with yoga.

There are so many ways in which you can use your skills, choose a career option, share your gifts with the world, and in the process, make a good amount of money. This is the beauty of yoga. It has a place for everyone to blossom into a conscious and evolving person. 

Here are 10  yoga jobs where you can have flexible working hours and earn a higher salary:

1. Yoga Instructor

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This is one of the most fun yoga jobs. Yoga asanas help the body with movement and regulating the energy in the body. Many yoga schools in India and all over the world hold yoga teacher training courses, where you can train to become a yoga instructor. 

Yoga instructors guide the students through various yoga asanas, postures, and movements. As a yoga instructor, you have a vital responsibility. An excellent yoga instructor not only teaches yoga postures and movements to students but also instills a passion for yoga in the students. 

As a yoga instructor, you have flexible working hours and wouldn’t have to work for more than 4-5 hours every day. If you are a yoga instructor at a yoga school in India, at yoga retreats in India or anywhere in the world, you will be paid a high monthly salary. 

yoga instructors’ salary per month ranges from anywhere from $2000 to $4000 and sometimes even higher. 

You can also take group yoga classes at your studio or personalized yoga sessions, depending on the needs of your students and what you are comfortable with. 

Whether you teach at the yoga school or a yoga studio, you will earn a higher salary either way because the demand for yoga is high in most parts of the world. 

2. Yoga Theory Teacher 

Yoga asanas are one part of the whole yoga world. Apart from asanas, yoga philosophy, yoga sutras, Bhagavat Gita, Samkhya, and other spiritual knowledge are taught for a more complete and holistic education on yoga. 

If you love reading Indian spiritual scriptures that have profound knowledge about yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda and have a passion for teaching, you can teach these spiritual doctrines to the students. 

Most yoga schools, yoga retreats in India and all around the world require teachers who can teach yoga theory to the students. They pay a high salary to the theory teachers, just like the yoga instructors. 

Yoga theory is an essential aspect of yoga. The yoga asanas are one part, but there is a whole other side of yoga, which involves yoga theory, meditation, and so much more. Just doing the yoga asanas is not enough; we need to embody the virtues and noble qualities that are the central teachings of yoga. 

These virtues and ethical teachings are a big part of yoga theory and are vital to anyone who truly wants to embody the wisdom of yoga. Yoga means a union of body mind and soul, and imparting the wisdom of this process of inner union is what many yoga theory teachers do.

3. Yoga Therapist

The difference between a yoga therapist and a yoga instructor is that a yoga therapist helps heal specific physiological issues within us and is focused on them. While yoga instructors focus on a general yoga routine and practice. 

Yoga therapists are perfect for pregnant women, people who need to heal from an accident or any particular physical issue. If you love helping people heal, becoming a yoga therapist is a great way to do what you love. 

Working as a yoga therapist is one of the most meaningful yoga jobs as you get to connect with people and help them heal. You can have a flexible work schedule and also work only 4-5 hours a day while earning a large sum of money. 

4. Digital Marketing Specialist for Yoga

You can start an SEO Agency for yoga, and help many yoga schools and studios reach the right people, rank on top on google and make a huge profit. 

Many yoga schools and yoga studios all around the world have the best yoga teachers, but what they need is good marketing and communication. This is where you come in with your digital marketing company. 

If you are passionate about yoga and marketing, it is the perfect combination for you to follow your passion and become rich in the process. 

As a digital marketing firm for yoga, you will naturally have many clients because of the increasing number of yoga and studios, which will, in turn, earn you huge profits. 

5. Yoga Content Writer

Content writing for yoga and spirituality is one of the best yoga jobs to earn a good amount of money while doing what you love. If you are a yoga teacher, have in-depth knowledge about yoga and spirituality, and are good at writing, this is the perfect job for you.

Digital marketing SEO agencies everywhere are looking for creative content writers who can generate quality content on yoga and spirituality. 

Most of the digital marketing agencies pay a reasonable price per word to their content writers, especially if the content writers create excellent quality content. 

Many firms also hire freelancer content writers, so you can work from anywhere in the world, travel wherever you want while simultaneously earning money by doing what you love. 

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6. Yoga Clothing and Merchandise Designer

As yoga is a booming 9-billion-dollar industry and so now more than ever, there is an increasing demand for yoga merchandise like yoga mart, yoga t-shirts, yoga pants, and so much more.

Starting a clothing and merchandise brand for yoga can be a huge success financially and spiritually – Spiritually because you are following your passion and financially because you are making profits by doing what you love. 

If you are passionate about yoga and designing, starting a clothing and merchandise brand is one of the best yoga jobs. 

7. Yoga Studio Owner

This is one of the best yoga jobs to do, especially in the cities. People living in the cities live highly stressed out and fast-paced lives. Most of them are looking for a way to slow down, release the stress, connect to their body, and find more peace within. 

You can start a yoga studio in your area in the city or the area that requires a good yoga studio. Every yoga studio receives at least 100 – 200 yoga practitioners every month who come to practice daily. 

Starting a yoga studio is a great way to earn a higher salary and have flexible working hours. Yoga Teacher-Yoga Jobs

8. Yoga Studio Manager 

As many yoga studios are coming up, the need for a studio manager is increasing too. If you are passionate about yoga and are good with people, you can consider becoming a yoga studio manager.

Here you will have to manage the studio, coordinate with the yoga instructors and yoga practitioners. You will have to plan out the yoga classes and make a workable schedule. 

Many yoga studios earn a good amount of profit and pay their employees well. Hence, this is a great way to have flexible working hours, earn a higher salary while working at a job that you enjoy. 

9. Yoga School Founder 

There is a huge need for good yoga schools that offer teacher training courses. Many yoga lovers all around the world are interested in becoming yoga teachers and want to spread the passion and knowledge of yoga.

Starting a yoga school is one of the best yoga jobs as you can have flexible working hours while you earn a higher salary. Many yoga schools charge a few thousand dollars for the yoga teacher training courses, so there is a huge scope for profits as well. 

By starting a yoga school, you can do what you love, serve humanity by creating more high-quality yoga teachers and make a good amount of money all at the same time. 

10. Yoga Retreat Facilitator 

People who live in the cities need a break once in a while. Many of them look to go to a yoga retreat where they can relax in nature, connect to themselves and their bodies, and refresh their tired spirit. 

Hosting a yoga retreat can be a beautifully profitable and enjoyable process. If you are passionate about yoga, want to help people connect with themselves, and want to have flexible working hours, hosting a yoga retreat is one of the best yoga jobs. 

There are many yoga retreats in India that you can attend to get an idea of how a retreat works so that when you host a yoga retreat, it can be a huge success.

Reflect on what skills you have; are you are a good writer? Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you a natural healer? Are you good at business? Are you good at managing people and events? 

Know your skills, discover what your gifts are. We all come into this world with some gifts that the divine spirit has given us. Some have the gift of being a good listener; some are skilful at communication; some are good speakers; some are lovely artists. Find out what your gifts are and then share them with the world through yoga, meditation, and spirituality. 

Whatever job you choose to do in the world of yoga, make sure you do it from a place of passion and love for yoga – for something done in love, is always done right! 


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