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When it comes to applying for a job, most applicants, especially students find writing a good cover letter for resume quite difficult. What makes it so treacherous?

The fact that you must convince your hypothetical employer of your worthiness to this very position. And the way you convince can make or break even the most perfect application.

Thus, how can you describe your best qualities to an employer and keep him or her engaged in the last word of your cover letter? Top world career coaches made out 10 tools you may obey to write a killer cover letter and answer your cover letter questions.

1. Follow a Certain Structure

A cover letter is an official document sent with your CV to provide additional information on your skills and experience. Like any document, it has a certain structure, and you cannot avoid these rules. It consists of 4 paragraphs considering who you are, the reason why you choose these vacancies, which makes you a perfect candidate, and all the follow-up details. 

2. Provide with an Appropriate Salutation

The search for a position is very challenging, and several resumes and cover letters are not enough to be recruited. Avoid the situation when you distribute the same text to different employers. Try to address your email to a specific person and make sure that the name of the dream company is always considered.

3. Attract with Introduction

The work of a recruiter is very exhausting. They read hundreds of more or less the same cover letters every day. Yours have to be unique starting with the very first phrase. You have got to have a killer first sentence. The first sentence is designed to catch recruiter’s attention, therefore make it special!

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4. Choose Right Valediction

Cover letters are business documents. Business etiquette dictates us that closing part of the cover letter, known as a valediction, mirrors the salutation. If you begin with “Dear Mr. or Ms Manager,” the most common closing will be “Sincerely” or “Best Regards.” It is real evidence you are a polite person.

Also, show your gratitude to the recruiter in a closing part. Nobody wants to hire a person with bad manners. And your simple “thank you” may say that you are a very courteous and polite employee.

5. Proofread Your Letter

Everything we do by ourselves always seems perfect, but let someone read your cover letter. Also, if you are not sure about your writing skills you can always look for professional help.

There are a lot of writing/editing services that can proofread and correct your letter like if you were in the employer’s shoes.

6. Use Humour and Creativity

There no doubts about the fact that there is a certain structure you have to follow to write at least a good cover letter. But you can make it much more interesting with the help of humor and creativity. To win job competition, use sophisticated vocabulary and turn cliché phrases into unique ones.

For example, instead of writing “I am a perfect candidate for this position, because…”, write “I am aware of the fact that this position requires the candidate who will be able to …. And this attribute is already part of me”.

7. Start with a Passion

Even if your CV says you lack working experience in a specific field, the cover letter is aimed to justify your weaknesses with emphasizing your great desire to work and benefit to a reputable company.

All you need is to show how passionate you are about your job and that you have the drive and determination to achieve success.

8. Show Your Awareness

The second paragraph of the letter is designed to write the reason you choose this or that company. Your task is to show your awareness of the organization.

Come up with several facts you already consider the company, find out more information about dream job opportunities. It will help you understand how you can utilize your skills gained from the previous positions and explain your choice of the company.

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9. Be Specific

A killer cover letter must target a specific position. Avoid general phrases about your experience, previous jobs and omit information that you’re willing to consider any position in the firm. It gets the employers confused and made them not to offer you something special.

10. Make Sure You Meet the Job Requirements

The only CV is not enough to explain that you perfectly meet the demands of the position, but a cover letter is an excellent opportunity to persuade employers of that all the needed attributes are already part of you. Use phrases from the ad and expand it with your skill characteristics.

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