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There are only three key things that employers in the hospitality industry care about: customer service, customer service and customer service!

The roles in hospitality are very sought-after that you need to be on the ball with how you treat people more than anything else in your skill-set.

Companies that specialise in hospitality stake their entire livelihood and business on making people feel happy, and it’s for this reason that jobs in the industry have a skillset that is markedly different than office jobs or construction jobs. You need to be on the ball with your interview skills, cover letter when applying for work and your resume most of all.

When it comes to writing a strong resume, you have to think about you. Your resume is basically a piece of paper that screams “HIRE ME” to potential employers, and if you want to be heard without saying anything, you have to stand out.

It always makes sense to have two separate resumes: one that is general for the hospitality industry, and one that is tailored to the role for which you are applying. Every employer, whether hospitality-related or not, is looking for someone who can bring value to their business.

You could have the best pressed chef coats around, but unless your skills and your experience are uniform, you won’t be noticed in the crowd. It’s important that you can demonstrate a service which is exceptional and a solid commitment to your role.

You’ll already know that you’ll be meeting a lot of new people in your role – both new colleagues and also customers – which requires you to be someone who is approachable, confident and warm. Employers want people that can be calm under pressure and able to handle stressful situations. Is that you?

Some of the main skills that employers in the hospitality industry look for are a willingness to serve others, friendliness, politeness and a tough skin. You need to be able to take criticism on the chin, stay flexible in your working pattern and be a team player.

Hospitality isn’t for those who cannot manage teamwork, and you need to reflect this on your resume. When you want to sit down and start writing a resume after a long time in a particular job, you could find it hard to get in sync with your own thoughts.

That’s normal: a job held for a long period of time means that finding something else is tough! The unknown can be frightening, but you need your resume to read confidently, as if nothing scares you.

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The first thing you have to do is work out exactly what it is the employer you are interested in working for wants. Getting out of your head and into theirs is important, and you need to work out what they need from you so that you can maximise those skills on your resume.

So, if you have found an excellent opportunity as a front of house supervisor, you want to make sure that you maximise your skills in customer services.

This will differ if you were going to apply for a role as a chef, as they would want to see how you manage others as well as your time. Always start with a list of your skills that you can refer to as you go along, so that you can make relevant examples with your skill-set.

Next, you need to think about your personal statement. Every resume should be well-equipped with a written personal statement that exudes charisma and confidence without crossing the line over to bragging.

Don’t be afraid to highlight your key achievements here, as your personal statement is all about you and what you can offer your potential employer. While an interview is your chance to see what they can offer you, your personal statement should be to the point about what you can offer them.

The remainder of your resume should be short, snappy and to the point. List each role you’ve had, your achievements and tasks in each role and always state why a role has ended.

You want people to look at your resume in easy bursts of information rather than have their brain saturated with words that won’t sink in. Standing out means being one of a kind.

There could be hundreds of applicants going for the very same hospitality role that you are, but that doesn’t mean you have to be exactly like them! Be yourself and wow your audience: it’s all about you now!

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