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Finding an experienced, hard-working employee today is difficult due to the increased competition and hundreds of applications that come for every job post.

In order to find a good employee, hiring managers started focusing on more years of experience, instead of looking into qualifications, academic success and of course, a person who is the right fit for the job.

In many cases, hiring managers to choose the person with decades of experience, while their best choice would be a young graduate or vice versa.

So, how do you go about hiring the right person for the job?

Basically, everything starts with the job description. A good job description is crucial to attracting the most qualified candidates for a job position.

At this point when millions of jobs get listed every day, it is only with a great job description that you can optimize your search for future hire.

The key to writing a good job description to determine your goals.

Are you looking for young candidates that can bring new ideas to your business? Or perhaps you are looking for people with years of experience to guide your younger employees?

Think of your preference prior to writing the job post. Once you do, focus on the five following steps for hiring the best employees:

1. Length

According to experts, job descriptions between 700 and 1000 words will have a 24% increase in apply rate. If you do not know how long your job description should be, focus on this number as a guide.

A job description should be neither too short, nor too long. Chris Forman from Appcast says that descriptions that are too short and consist of only 170-250 words resulted in just 6.7% click-to-apply rate, while lengthy job descriptions of around 2000 words result in similarly low apply rate.

If you write a description that is too short in length, candidates may lack the important context necessary to make the decision for application.

Moreover, a description that is too long can suggest a highly demanding working environment and push potential employees away. All things considered, you must make sure to gather all the crucial information within the average, recommended job description length.

2. Job Titles

The job title of a description is equally important as the quality and length of content. In order to write a quality job title, you need a writer that:

  • Explains the nature of the offered job
  • Reflects the duties that need to be performed by the candidate
  • Is free of age and gender implications
  • Does not exaggerate in any way
  • Allows for comparison with similar jobs
  • Contains the main keyword and is self-explanatory

Pay attention to all these steps when writing your title. This will be the first thing your candidates will see, which is why you must make sure everything is clean and inviting from the start.

3. Expectations

One key point of every job description is the candidate’s duties and responsibilities. Every hiring manager includes this in the job description, but many fail to do this concisely and accurately.

Freelancer Working Outside

Your goal here is to provide the applicant with a sense of what they will do at the company and what it would be like to work there.

When speaking of the expectations, try not to turn the description into some kind of a ‘wish list’. This content should not just list the experience and qualifications required for the job. By doing this, you are turning off many potential applicants.

4. Search

The goal of every hiring manager is to create a job description that is searchable. It won’t really matter how well you have handled the writing process or how inviting the job description title is unless you make sure that candidates can actually find the job post.

Ronald Powell, an HR specialist at SuperiorPapers explains what a job description should contain:

“As with any other content you are putting out on the Web for a target audience to see, you must focus on its availability. If you want your job description to be searchable and available to the most qualified employees, you simply must create the best content for the search engines”.

How can you do this?

Learn about the best SEO strategies and implement the most important keywords throughout the content of the description. Most importantly, do not forget to add the main keyword in the title!

5. Application

When looking for a job, many people will apply to several, even dozens of job positions with the hope to get the job they want and deserve. This means that you should make the application process as simple as possible since many will turn away if this is too complex to handle.

After all, if the application itself is too complex, what are the candidates to think about the job itself?

An applicant will hardly spend 45 minutes filling out your applications, so if you went for the hard process, expect a small number of applicants.

Fortunately, there are many applicant-tracking systems that are modern and very simple. Find the best one for your job post and make yours and your applicant’s process much easier.

In order to find a good candidate for a job position, it is simply not enough to write down the job position and the requirements.

An employer must put some effort into hiring the best candidates for the job. And since the employees are the core of every business, this is a step you must take with patience and caution.

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