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With the new year comes a desire for a fresh start, and the most common ways people set out to achieve this is through a new fitness program or by giving up unhealthy foods.

And while these are always great ideas, all too often we neglect to pay attention to some other aspects of our lives that could use some freshening up as well.

For example, when is the last time you resolved to do things that would help your mental state and bring focus and clarity to your mind?

One way we suggest that you can do this fairly easily is by starting at your workspace or desk and taking the time to clean and organize. While it can seem like a dreaded chore, taking a few minutes to tidy up each day and keep on top of your clutter.

If you’re someone who might be tempted to skip this or forget, consider adding a reminder to your work calendar or phone to go off and remind you. Also, try to do this at the same time each day so that this task becomes a habit that’s built into your routine.

Sure, some say that a disorganized atmosphere is better for creativity, but some serious studies have been done on the topic of messy vs clean desk and have been able to prove that an organized desk dramatically improves productivity and focus of one at work.

So maybe go ahead and daydream or brainstorm ideas in your disorganized space, but keep a clean desk for when it’s time to sit down, focus and crank away!

With the right desk set-up, you could be looking at days filled with focus, balance, clarity, and heightened creativity. The best part is, all it takes is some good decluttering and a few small arrangement adjustments – invest in a comfortable chair and your workspace will start feeling a little less like a disaster zone and more like a sanctuary.

This infographic from National Pen has some great ideas on how to get started and spark some inspiration so you can start feeling stress-free in no time.

To summarize, the infographic suggests you should change your layout and implement some guidelines of Feng Shui, infuse your desk with purpose and declutter.

It also suggests adding a personal touch and bringing in some natural elements by adding plants.

Lastly, the graphic suggests adjusting your lighting and adding a splash of color.

If any of those resonate with you, check out the graphic below for more details. And if you have any ideas of your own, share them in the comments!

How to Turn Your Workspace into a Desk Sanctuary? (Infographic)

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Katie Malone is a Digital Marketer and wellness entrepreneur living in San Diego, California. Her passion lies in helping other entrepreneurs in the wellness space, whether through digital PR or energy healing. Follow her on Twitter

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