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Wondering how to increase the productivity of your employees and at the same time help them stay happy, healthy and fit?

Exercise in the workplace can help! 

There is evidence that people who exercise on a regular basis are more energized and productive, as well as healthier and fitter.

Also, physical exercise can improve cognitive function in the following ways:

It helps improve memory

The hippocampus is the part of the brain which is associated with memory and learning skills and has been found to grow as a person gets fitter. A study in Germany found that people who were learning a foreign language while cycling or walking showed better results in their studies than those who did not engage in physical activity during the lessons.

It improves the concentration

According to a study in Holland, the attention span of students improved significantly after a short 20-minute aerobic exercise sessions were been introduced between classes.

In the US, a group of children was asked to participate in daily sports classes after school for a whole year, and the results showed that they were much fitter than other children their age, and could focus better, ignore distractions, multitask and were better in learning.

It boosts creativity

Help boost the creativity and idea-generating skills of your employees by encouraging walks during lunchtime, breaks for exercising and games, walking meetings and other forms of exercising on the job. Studies show that people walking on a treadmill showed more creative thinking than those sitting down.

It reduces stress and improves the mood

Regular exercise has been found to significantly reduce the stress levels, and help people suffering from depression, anxiety and bad moods.

Still, think that exercising during the workday is a waste of time and productivity?

Growing evidence shows that employees who went to the gym during work hours were able to actually manage their time and work more efficiently than the others who worked without stopping. Also, the interactions and communication between the employees showed significant improvement when they are encouraged and allowed to do physical exercise during work.

In order to improve the fitness of your staff, you can provide them with an on-site gym or discounts for a local gym.Yoga Stretch

The other cheaper methods of encouraging your workers to be more active during the day include:
  • Encouraging them to cycle or walk to work instead of drive.
  • Asking them to use the stairs instead of the elevators.
  • To move the printers as further away from the desks as possible.
  • To organize walking meetings for the staff instead of spending hours in the conference room.
  • Organizing different team sport training sessions and competitions.
  • Encourage your employees to participate in a fitness challenge for charity by sponsoring it.
  • Get standing desks.
  • Organize an office competition for step tracking and award the weekly or monthly winners who have walked the most steps.

Whichever approach you choose, you will be on the right track. Your employees will be grateful that you care about their health and well-being, and nothing is better for a business than having happy and loyal employees!

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Cara Haley is the founder of the shoe-review sites Comfort Hacks and the sports gear site Fitaholigear. She is addicted to running, writing, and loves spending time outdoors either hiking or camping.

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