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For busy people, there are never enough minutes in a typical working day because eventually, something does not get to be done.

Many solutions are applied in this case: some hire an assistant to help with the tasks while others just try to reduce the number of things to the amount that could be done in one day. All these options are certainly effective and can help to achieve more, which means that a person cannot be as productive as with the help of technologies or other people.

Requiring help is not a problem these days because there are a lot of amazing tools that assist in getting things done in various ways. For example, some of them optimize the time to ensure that every errand gets proper attention while others actually perform the task.

The number of such tools on the net is enormous, so let us save you some time by providing a list of seven-time savers for modern people that appreciate productivity and efficiency in daily business. Some of them are work-related while others are best suited for individual use.

1. Freshdesk 

This is a great tool to use for a business person’s responsibilities of which include response to customer emails. Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service platform that optimizes customer support work by streamlining the number of email addresses that are used by customers to contact the company.

Moreover, it has a variety of automated ways to respond to various emails, which saves time for the support representatives working hard to answer all messages.

The list of features of Freshdesk continues with multichannel support through chat, social networks, and phone lines. Moreover, the platform is available for IOS and Android, which makes taking care of the customers’ email very easy on the go.

2. Hootsuite

If you need to manage social media accounts of your business effectively and efficiently, HootSuite might be the right option for you. This platform falls into the work-related category and makes monitoring of the activity across social networks really easy because it combines all accounts into one working environment.

It contains a lot of functions related to proper social media management, including a schedule of automatic posts, a delegation of assignments to other users, organizing feeds, managing followers, viewing the analytics, and many more others. Many small and medium companies around the world have recognized the easiness and functionality of the service.

3. Stay Focused

This one falls into the personal use category. Stay Focused is a great Google Chrome extension that performs a very important function: blocking of the sites that provide distractions during work. If you tend to use entertainment and other sites during the working session on Chrome, you should definitely check it out because it allows blocking any website for the amount of time defined by the user.

It can even shut the Internet down on your computer if you tell it to. The extension, therefore, helps you in working smarter and staying away from distracting sites with funny pics, news, and so on. And it is completely free.

4. Bubbl.us

This tool is great for writers because it helps with brainstorming on the new work. For example, if you decided to compose a new piece, say, novel, essay, research paper, or any kind of essay writing, but have a hard time coming up with a plan for structuring the ideas for it, use Bubbl.us.

The platform’s easy-to-use interface turns the organization and mapping of writing ideas into an enjoyable process, the results of which can be saved as an image or HTML and shared with others via integration with social networks. Also, it uses various colors to differentiate the ideas and even supports hyperlinks if you need to see where the content came from.

Finally, other great news is that the platform is completely free to use and does not require you to sign up unless you want to save your work as an image or HTML. Some premium account plans are proposed as well, though.

5. Buffer

Buffer is another tool for social media that allows doing a lot of useful things for those that need to keep their business accounts active and work smarter. It connects all the needed accounts into one environment where the user can include the content for posting and the time when it occurs automatically.

This schedule is totally up to the user, which makes it really convenient to manage multiples accounts without visiting the actual sites and posting thus allowing you to work smarter. Moreover, Buffer includes analytics to inform the user about the visits, visitors’ behavior, and other related aspects. Indeed, it is a great tool that can save you at least half an hour a day that otherwise would have been spent on creating and posting the content at different hours.

If you struggle with coming up with the content, Buffer has the ability to help you by offering the suggestions of posts that you can use. Check it out on Google Play and Apple Store.

6. Best Essay Tips

Best Essay Tips is one of the popular services that can help with writing in all its forms and working smarter. When you are sick, tired, or just don’t have the inspiration, the team of professionals would always come with their support. They can help with proofreading, generating ideas, or even writing. Use their services and stay calm. Get unique, correct written pieces at the right time.

7. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you struggle with coming up with the title for your blog post or article, this idea generator is a perfect option because the only thing it requires is the area of writing.

For example, typing the word “Marketing” generated fun and interesting idea for a headline: “Why Holden Caulfield Thinks Marketing is Prony.” Interested? Apparently, the platform can generate a lot of ideas for writing and the only thing you must do in order to get them is typing the word and clicking one button.

Also, the user can revise the results to make even more great content and check out some resources proposed by the site below the results on the blog.


We do not have all the time in the world to accomplish all things but we certainly have a choice of little helpers that can make this process of working smarter easier. Whether you need a new idea, organize the thoughts, manage the social media, or responses from clients, the tools in this list are the ones you are looking for.

Always remember that the net is full of other tools as well, so searching them might be a good idea if the tool you need is not on this list. This concludes the list of the seven-time savers that think, write, and create content for you. May they lead to a more efficient and awesome you.

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