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Life seems to revolve around work. That’s not necessarily a bad thing unless you’re stuck in a role that you really don’t care for.

Taking pride in your work and caring for your job comes naturally when you actually enjoy the role you are in. You’re going to enjoy the role if it keys into your interests and passions from your personal life. If you’re not happy with your current role, you need to assess why, see if you can change the reason, and if not, find a job that is going to do right by you.

Work shouldn’t be something you have to retreat from and although it can occasionally be stressful, you should not need to hide away from the 9-5. If you are finding that you are, you’re not in the right role.

So where do you start with finding the right career path for you? Well, you need to know yourself. If you don’t know yourself very well, you might have an issue here…

You need to tap into your interests.

Do you like art? You might find purpose in becoming a designer.

If you enjoy writing, you could write the great American novel or write copy for advertising agencies.

Research where your interests can get you and you might be surprised at what opportunities are lying in wait for you. Failing all of that, you might want to start a blog about your interests and attract the attention of commercial partners who will pay for your writing.

Driving might be a passion of yours, and if so – you’re in luck. It’s never been a better time to be a driver and there are countless companies waiting to take you on.

Companies like Deliveroo and Uber will ask for your skills in return for pay and you can work to your own schedule. Commercial driving might be more of a career though and could see you driving the long haul. You’ll probably need a Commercial Driving License, or CDL before you begin.

If you need to know more about driving for commercial purposes or the CDL, you can find out about the topic here.

Even after taking all these steps, you still might find yourself in a dead-end. If that is is the case, it might be time to seriously ramp up your right career prospects. Choosing to study a new degree, or even building on a degree you already possess might very well open up the world to you.

There’s nothing wrong with extra study and the more proven and qualified knowledge you possess, the better. Of course, you might have to fit your studies around work, but if you want a change – there’s probably the no better option.

A career should be for life, but that might not be true anymore. If you’re not happy, find what works for you – because you may very well be working there for a long time


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