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How often it happens to you that you head out the door and realize that you haven’t completed a single thing from your to-do list? Might it be several times during a workweek or daily?

Never-ending a cycle of incomplete working tasks will leave you cranky and depressed. All people strive to be productive, but only a few of them have the necessary skills to do all tasks efficiently.

It is accepted that people who deem themselves busy are productive but careful observation indicated that these busy people are just racing their day to go home, run back to televisions, their video games, and other distracting things. They ran around here and there but ended up nothing. They tend to keep on blaming the external factors for their lack of progression. 

Productivity is not about working harder it is about working smartly to make most out of the day.

This is not an easy feast, but getting more done in less time and effort is an attainable goal if you are capable enough to sabotage yourself with bad habits and stick yourself to some healthy working habits.

Here is the sneak peek of some working habits that have the potential to revolutionize your productivity.

1. Write Everything on Your Calendar

Monthly Calendar

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Writing everything on a calendar will take a few seconds, but it will save you from big impediments to your productivity. Sync calendar with emails and computers so that you will be reminded of different places for your upcoming tasks.

Believe it or not, this work habit is something that can help you to increase your productivity.

Writing everything on a calendar can contribute to increasing your productivity. One more thing which you must have to do is to check your calendar when you get to the work and when you leave the office. Proper knowledge of the upcoming meeting and obligations will facilitate you to craft a better to-do list for the whole day. 

2. Keep Track of Your Progress 


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Checking your calendar at the beginning of the workday will make you aware of what is on your schedule and what else you can add to your to-do list for today. But, checking your calendar at the end of the day will lead you to keep track of your progress.

Either it is to measure the progress, or it is to know how much time and effort is required for a particular task in the future, a comparison between your calendars and the to-do list is the best place to start with. This record will not help you to meet a deadline and accomplish the task, but it will also motivate you to perform another task on the list.

Reward yourself once the task is complete. Once the task is complete cross it on your to-do list, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated till the end of the day.

3. Prioritize Each Task

To Do List for work habits

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It is impossible to operate at peak performance all day. It is also impossible to complete all the tasks with the same level of efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to prioritize each task on time and effort it will take to complete. This habit is a perfect game-changer strategy.

Spending just 15 minutes before you go to bed will give you a head start on your day when the morning rolls around. Once you have created a to-do list, then pick the most important task first. This task will push you forward for achieving big goals. To get more done you just have to be mindful of every choice you make.

4. Take Your Time to Think Before You Act

Stop and think before you act

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Think before you act is an excellent strategy to improve your productivity and to increase the after-effects of your decisions. Be careful to make decisions and take action if you have a one-track mind. You can save time by saying yourself to stop, slow down, and take a few seconds to think about your next activity. This strategy is also helpful when you start losing focus and more susceptible to distractions.

Taking just a few minutes to think before you will transform productivity by turning you from a busy person to a productive person. According to research from the University of Michigan, taking a daytime nap counteracts impulsive behavior and this workplace dozer by increasing the level of tolerance for frustration will make you more productive than before. 

5. Break Large Task Into Smaller Steps

Tracking Tasks

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You cannot control or get rid of all the distractions when you are working on a complicated or long task. What you need to do is to focus on factors that you can control. Whenever you have a large task, just try to make it simple by breaking it down into small parts.

Break the task and do planning for small-time blocks because these tasks are easy to plan and easier to accomplish than 4-hour planning to complete a large task at once.

6. Say Yes but Wisely

There are only two types of people: YES to everything or NO to everything. If you are a NO to everything type of person, then you don’t have to read this article.

If you are YES type of person, then keep on reading.  Most of the time people say yes without a second thought. You can say yes to everything but keep in mind that we are human beings and it is not possible for us to be everywhere at once.

Before saying yes to everything, it is important to quickly glance at your calendar and make sure that you are not in a scheduling conflict. It will help you to save yourself from receiving angry emails. 

7. Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining in work habits

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Make a complaint but do it in the right way. Whenever you come up with a complaint, it is important to frame things regarding solutions. Complaint with an idea of improvement will decrease the focus on problems. A complaint with a practical approach to the solution evokes pleasant emotions.

Don’t complain if you are too busy because no one is interested in knowing how busy you are? Use your time in a better way and make it more productive. Plan for the achievement of your goals and objectives instead of complaints. 

8. Beware of Productivity Killers

According to a study conducted by Upwork, distraction and non-core tasks are the two most important productivity killers. 44% of respondents believed that there is an indirect correlation between productivity and distraction. A lot of things such as quick glance at social media updates, co-workers pinging with random questions, and other things clamoring for attention decrease productivity. 

21% suggest non-core tasks such as emails and meetings also decrease the productivity of an individual. If you want to increase productivity in your work habits, the first thing which you have to do is to identify the sources of distractions. According to CareerBuilder top, five destroyers of productivity are the cell phone, the internet, gossips, social media, and emails. Try to avoid these productivity killers to increase your productivity. 

9. Multi-Tasking


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According to research, only 2% of people are capable of doing more than one task at one time. Multitasking allows you to add variety to your working day by doing a maximum task in the minimum time period. The ability to switch different tasks will stimulate creativity and productivity.

Multitasking allows the users to manage vacant time productively and to avoid meager working outputs. In short, multitasking saves money, saves time, and increases productivity.

10. Create Balance

Maintaining Balance in work habits

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Meticulous planning for each task is important for ambitious and organized people who really want to maximize their productivity. It is not recommended to plan for a week or month because things don’t always go as planned.

Strategize things for the achievement of long-term goals, but don’t try to come up with the endgame of the long project. It would be extremely frustrating, and it will waste a huge amount of time as well. Either it is over planning, or under planning, both of them will affect productivity.


There is no magic pill or magic wand which will bring change in your work habits overnight. It is important to have patience and strength for productivity and to change working habits. Ignite your productivity of the day through the above mentioned powerful working habits. 

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