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Education is vital to society. It is one reason many people are debating the possibility of making higher education a right in this country. Of course, this is not the case yet. But there are several types of education opportunities springing up. Especially in vocation education and apprenticeship programs. These types of programs are great. But the problem is that women seem to be missing out on these opportunities, which revolve around technical skills.  

Reduction of Technical Skills 

Blue-collar communities used to be filled with schools that offered classes in technical skills. This slowly faded away due to the introduction of private schools that offered similar skill-building classes.

Furthermore, parents and school officials wanted schools to focus on academic studies. These are just some of the factors that began to slow down technical training in some high schools. It should be noted that many high schoolers, including women, were not interested in these types of skills.

Some students attempt to go beyond technical skills while other students just did not want to continue their education past high school. There is no denying that there is a cultural problem that seems to be making many young people devalue education.

A Thwarted Opportunity

Another issue that women seem to face is in the workforce itself. There are a few schools offering some classes in technical skill. And those skills can be refined in vocational skills. But it seems that women have more trouble finding a job when compared to their male counterparts. 

This glaring issue affects women and their desire to invest their time in a career opportunity that could be fruitful. The connection between education and jobs is not as strong as it should be for women. It is something that needs to change since it is forcing some women to miss out on technical-based careers. 

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Growing Aid 

Everyone knows that there is a major gap between technical skills and the kind of skills that today’s modern world requires. This is the reason the government has updated laws to ensure that all vocational schools offer the skills that are actually needed to succeed. 

The bill that was introduced by the government goes pretty far in attempting to help Americans. US Representatives understand that America’s economy is based on people’s ability to work. This bill is definitely helpful, and it protects almost every group. But it does seem to lack some protections for women. It seems that lawmakers are finally understanding that the only way the economy grows is if those in lower economic brackets have enough jobs and are qualified enough for them.  

The problem is that those same US Representatives have not understood that at least half of the workforce of this country rests upon women, and they should be equally trained.  

A Woman’s Struggle  

There is no doubt that women are facing a few obstacles that men do not face. This does not mean women should give up or not push through the barriers. The need to fill these types of jobs is becoming increasingly vital for the US economy, making technical skills the go-to skills for a woman’s independence.  

There are a number of resources out there that are meant to help women in these technical-based careers. Course Hero, for example, can help women find the right education material or job opportunities to help them get that edge so that they are ready to compete in the real world.  

All this help is available online, meaning that a woman can still pursue other opportunities or educational interests while making sure to cover technical skills. Of course, there is hope that people will continue to point out the problem. So that more people get involved in the fight for equality. But this equality is still not here. And you still have to make sure you can live.  

The reason that women are missing out of important technical-based careers has a lot to do with US culture and institution issues within the education system. Both of these issues need to be addressed, and hopefully, strong-willed people can rise above the challenges to improve America from the ground up.   

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Brock Calderon is a freelance writer and an academic counselor. Through local workshops and articles Brock teaches about self reliance and career advancement.

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