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Winter blizzard Stella decided to give us a few more days of winter before spring comes in less than a week. We have no choice but to shovel one more time, attach those snow chains, defrost windows, and scrape ice off surfaces.

Although most of the things we do during winter feel like chores, there are official, part time/seasonal jobs we actually think we’ll enjoy – while still getting paid for it. First of all, this depends on the location and nature of your post.

These aren’t exactly the job of your dreams, but they’re definitely fun. Someone has to do them, and for us winter lovers, these are perfect opportunities. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve undergone proper training and have the equipment and clothing needed to handle harsh winter conditions.  

Here are some of the coolest (no pun intended) winter jobs you can try: 

1.  Skating Rink and Arena Worker 

One of the perks that come with this job is that you get to skate for free. Ice resurfacers are required to have a valid driver’s license before they get to drive around a Zamboni machine.

Aside from monitoring and resurfacing the ice in order to maintain safe conditions for the skaters, other tasks include performing basic maintenance on the Zamboni and to report any mechanical problems that occur. Frontline services are also consists of handling inventory of skate rental and teaching ice skating and hockey to beginners.  

Zamboni drivers are paid an average salary of $11.14 per hour.

2. Olympian

Being an athlete can only be considered a full-time job for the few lucky ones who do make it to the Olympic podium. Not all of them are lucky enough to have sponsors during events. Some athletes who play winter sports like ice hockey, figure skating, skiing, sledding, curling etc. probably have to find other means of income during off-season months. 

Olympian Signing Autograph

Photo Credit- Flickr.com

3. Ski Lodge Employees

Tahoe and Aspen are just some of the resorts you can choose from next winter season.  Keep in mind that aside from landing this job, one of the biggest challenges includes knowing how to keep yourself warm and dry a majority of the day.

If you’re fond of meeting new people, love the snow and have experience maneuvering around piles of fresh fallen snow, that goggle tan will be well worth it by the time season’s over. Like zamboni drivers, ski instructors get paid around $12 per hour.

Skiing with a Group

Photo Credit- Flickr.com

These individuals are needed both indoors and out. Duties include assisting winter sports enthusiasts, being a skiing instructor and making sure the equipment and machines work well. You’ll be in charge of keeping everyone’s safety in check.

4. Ice Sculptor/ Ice Carving Specialists

Do you ever wonder who makes those ice sculptures at special events? There are people who really dedicate hours to make something beautiful out of a block of ice. Those who regard ice sculpting as an art will finally be paid for their efforts. Hours of hand-numbing carving and detailing deserve to be appreciated. 

Ice Sculptor

Photo Credit- flickr.com

5. Weather Reporter

Weather reporters work year round, and you’re lucky if you get some exposure, both on TV and out in the cold or on the field during winter. A profession like this usually requires you to have a background in mass communications, journalism, broadcasting and meteorology. These individuals deserve so much more credit and admiration for working long hours exposed to all kinds of natural disasters and occurrences.

6. Ice Themed Restaurant

Dubbed as “The Middle East’s First Sub-Zero Lounge,” in Chillout Lounge you can put together your love for cuisine and winter while working at an ice-themed restaurant. As a guest, the interiors will definitely make you feel like you’re dining with the Ice Queen, fur seats and all. This particular place offers career options for ice carving specialists, sculptors, chefs,etc. 

In the words of Queen Elsa, the cold never bothered us anyway.  It no longer seems so bad to be snowed in, it just means you get another day indoors, cozy and with a cup of warm cocoa in one hand.

Even though it’s time to bid these seasonal jobs goodbye, at least you’ll have the rest of the year to plan and scout out your next winter gig.

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