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Winter vacations are just on the verge of coming nearby. It’s high time that you level up the skills and enroll yourself with better qualifications. If you wish to excel in a career, having a core skill is important. Here are 7 cool winter courses that every computer science engineer should check out.

The regular courses for your university degree could help you a bit, but this will never be the ultimate path for career achievements. Instead of simply sitting back at your home, why not quickly upskill yourself by completing a winter course?

Having an additional certificate while you are at work will certainly have you with a better pay package. 

7 Cool Winter Courses for Computer Science Engineers

1. Machine Learning Course

With the advent of AI integration, Machine Learning has become the epitome of development. Machine Learning is the backbone of artificial intelligence that allows you to get complete control of the automated process.

There are several Machine Learning courses that you can opt for during the winter training program. Some of them include developing platforms and software, allowing you to complete control of the platforms.

In 2020, almost everything has become integrated with Machine Learning, and it has become an important aspect. Try to go for a simple Machine Learning course, which is completed in three months.

Moreover, if you have already learned about Machine Learning from your university degree, you can also look for an advanced Machine Learning course.

Machine Learning allows you to get the highest levels of certifications and you have better results as per the career is concerned. It would be best if you chose preferable subjects as per your needs. However, Machine Learning restricts simple algorithms. It is also a vast subject, and it may require several classes to complete the advanced structure.

2. Programming Language

Computer programming is now required in almost every sector. In the commerce field or for the engineering industries, computer programming is one thing that runs on the core. The developed nature of programming language allows every machinery and robotics to work.

New software and operating platforms are being developed every day with the help of computer programming skills. This is why there is always a huge demand for people interested in the programmers who know to code.

Over the years, it has been developed in several languages. This is why the knowledge of the basic programming language has become so important. Out of all the ones, you can start by acquiring C, C++, or Java courses as per your choice.

These three platforms have become a necessary skill if you wish to sit for any interviews or entrance exams. Mechanically improving your skill is very important at the same time.

Having a minor degree in programming means you are open to accepting new challenges. This may also help you to gain quick access to create a new profile as a programmer. Make sure that the programming skills are always up to the mark and you are acquiring the subjects.

Learning any programming language of your choice is not the biggest challenge. However, keep on practicing it for better improvements. This is a highly recommended course from the editor of Techiepassion – A leading tech blog.

3. Big Data

Just like machine learning, big data is another important subject that you can focus on. In the world of data integration and lead generation, big data has turned out to be very helpful. Improvements in this field have reduced both time and investments and allowed the people to get more access.

The key to big data is such that it includes volume, velocity as well as variety. In short, it is a fast and effective way to deal with online consumers.

Big Data deals with insights, metrics, and structured data. With the help of Big Data, companies can create their marketing strategies, build on their new consumers, and even target keyword-oriented people all over the internet. This is why Big Data analytics has become so important.

Completing a course in such a subject may prove to be highly valuable. The exceptional skill that you may require is to expertise in Microsoft Excel. There are other components, too, which include MySQL and database management.

Big Data is huge and vast. Any Big Data manager would have a high pay scale because the job responsibility is huge. So if you complete learning this subject, the secure pay would always be high.

You would also get a decent pay structure and the security of your job. If you are done with this course, you can bring macro-level information about a company’s consumers. It acts as a great strategy for most of the companies to improve their sales records.

4. Startup Course

Now, this is one subject that does not directly relate to computer academics. However, it has a huge impact on your career. A start-up course is the perfect study option for enthusiasts who would love to give a new shape to their careers.

Enthusiasts who prefer to build their empire always require proper guidance. Just after the college days are over, you may start on to work to develop your venture. But without a startup course, it becomes challenging.

The Startup Course is one such class thing that everyone should go for. Even if you plan to start your own IT firm or complete a postgraduate degree in MBA, opting for such a course will always boost your CV.

It is a defying thing that makes everyone go through a better understanding of the entrepreneurship business model. Even if you are working or just planning to start, this course will guide you by implementing new strategies and bringing up changes.

The Startup Course does not take much time to get complete. In fact, you can even complete the online course in three weeks. Having this with your resume always upscales your values. It gives you a fair advantage over others that makes your career growth strong.

5. Ethical Hacking

Not many people know this, but candidates having a vast knowledge of cybersecurity and protection always have a better advantage. This is why ethical hacking is being taught in most of the institutions.

However, it’s not easy to pull off the entire ethical hacking subject in just a few sessions. The entire subject requires a lot of practice as well as skills to complete. Private data security and coding with algorithms can be so much fun and challenging for students who want to learn.

Ethical hacking plays a big part in cybersecurity. Of course, it is filled with hard work and a lot of time. This is why the pay scale for ethical hackers is always large. Scoring good marks with ethical hacking means you are capable of holding great programming knowledge.

The course of Ethical Hacking goes through levels of algorithms and coding languages. This is why it takes a lot of time and probably years of practice to become an expert.

Winter Courses

6. App Development

Almost every brand is upgrading their applications now. Those who do not have applications are keen to prepare their own. This is why learning App Development could be a great option for your winter break.

Almost every application requires regular updates, and to make it grow better; it requires more workforce. This is why, if you complete the course of application development, you will always have a secure life.

Learning App Development means that you would be going through UI development stages, designing, and coding. Students with a background in Computer Engineering knowledge can easily fetch this.

7. Web Development

Another impressive subject to complete your course in Web Development. Over the years, almost millions of students are acquiring certificates of web development. It is another easy subject to go through if you are looking to enhance your skills.

The best part is that the Web Development Course does not take much time to complete. In this course, you will be going through HTML, Graphics, and JavaScript, which is highly essential. A bit of coding may also come out to be handy for you.

Why Should you Pursue Winter Courses?

1. Have an Affordable Degree

Doing your regular courses from the university is always highly charged. It’s because you need to pay for the infrastructure and a lot of additional fees. However, with a winter course, the package for educating yourself with another subject is far less.

It’s simply because most of the classes are held online, reducing the costs to a lower level. This is why it becomes much easier for students to opt for such job options.

2. Saves up Time

When you are on a winter vacation, you would love to spend time with your family and your loved ones. But if you go for offline classes and university degrees, you’ll have to travel and not be able to be at home much. Here’s the major difference with a winter course for your Computer Science subjects.

You can attend online and thus save a lot of time by not traveling. Be at your home, and you can log into the online classes for the stipulated time. It will save you a lot of money as well.

3. Increase your Earnings

With a better degree and a better job option, it becomes much easier for anyone to increase their values. If you have an additional degree, it will be recognized as additional skills. You will be able to take up new projects which value your studies.

This is why most of the engineering professionals do opt for a better job option with winter courses. Once you get the certificate, you can easily apply for a better job as well. The expected salary bar will also be higher.

4. Expand your CV

As a professional, the most important thing in your career is the resume that you prepare. Whether you are looking to apply for a job or offering a job change, having a heavy-weight resume will always give you the advantage.

While others are applying with just a computer science engineering degree, you add on skill with this. Certainly, it proved to be very helpful on such occasions. You will be able to stay ahead in the queue and a better chance of being shortlisted.

5. Learn New Technology

Being an engineer, technology is always the best friend. There are improvements almost every year. The technology that we use today may not be even valid after 5 years. This is why coping up with such technologies become so vital. If you want to hold onto a good position, you need to keep updating yourself.

Learning new programming languages or algorithms will certainly help you to get a better life. Remember that if you keep learning and practicing new technologies, you will never run out of projects.

6. Deepens your Profile

In the corporate world, people with more skills are always valued high. From being just a trainee, you will get better responses and promotions to your career.

Creating a good profile and a stronghold of an IT background means that you will be a valuable asset to the company. Even if you wish to be a developer or a programmer, having a major IT depth is essential. It gives you the advantage of covering wide and vast subjects.


Having an additional skill will not only improve your value, but it will give you an advantage over others. While your colleagues are still sitting back and enjoying the time, you can prepare yourself for the next step.

Always remember that improving yourself will only help you to get the best career options for yourself. These 7 cool winter courses that every computer science engineer should check out will always help you get better career opportunities or increase your pay package.

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