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Cover letters are the next important document when you are applying for a job. Most employers do not require the cover letter, but it carries some importance when there are many applicants. A cover letter might be the difference between you and the rest. It could sway the odds in your favor.

A cover letter gives you a chance to communicate to the recruiter. A cover letter allows you to talk about your reasons for applying for the job. It has a more personal touch and gives the recruiter a hint of who you are. The following are the factors that you should consider when drafting the letter.

1. Length

The cover letter should be brief. One should be able to go through it in less than a minute. Anything longer than that might be exhausting and boring. 

2. Sell Yourself

You should start by telling the company why they should hire you. Your reasons should essentially be unique and personal to you. This is because you do not want to put in something that might be common to many people that are applying for the job.

The person reading should feel that the letter and your purposes for applying are unique. You should provide a context that applies to the job. You can then explain how it resonates with you. 

3. Show How You Will Fit into the Role 

You should tell the company the role that you will play when you join them. You should talk about the skills that you have with regards to the job. They must be of use to the company. You should first examine the requirements of the job and the priorities of the role. The job description should tell you exactly what the person will be doing at the company.

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You should then look at your skills and then talk about them in relation to the responsibilities. For instance, you can mention how your sales training has helped you to become a well-rounded individual. You should sell yourself to the recruiter on how you can deliver. Your strengths will come into play, and you need to show that you are fully capable.

4. Write a Story

Your cover letter should essentially be a story. The person reading the letter is a human being. Stories appeal to us a lot. A story will appeal to the emotions of the reader and help to establish a connection between the two of you.

The story should be about your history with the company or the products and services that they offer. It could be a story of how you first used the products of the company or what made you consider working for them in the first place. You have to make the story relevant and make sure you do not just ramble about random stuff.

5. Address Someone Specific

You should try and address the letter to someone working at the company. This includes the hiring manager, the human resource manager, or the internal recruiter. You could find the exact person by going on LinkedIn and going through the different employees.

You should try and see who is most likely to be the one handling recruiting. This shows that you are serious about your efforts since you have gone the extra mile to search for the person’s name.

6. Honesty

The most important thing when writing the letter is that you are seen as an honest individual. Following a template might help you to write the cover letter in the “right” way, but it will not make it stand out. The only way to be unique is by telling your story because you are the only one who can come up with that particular story.


A cover letter does not replace a resume. It complements a resume. You should try and talk about what makes you the right person for that job in the letter. The cover letter can land you an interview when it is done perfectly even if you are not qualified.

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