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In order to win a job interview, you have to make sure that you catch the attention of the interviewer in a good way. Interviewers have a long list of candidates that they screen through before they pick the final choice, so if you want to nail that job, then you have to stand out. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

​1. Take Note of the Handshake

​Believe it or not, your handshake already gives the first impression on your interviewer. You must have a firm but not too strong of a handshake. You don’t want to give a weak handshake because it will give the interviewer the impression that you are not strong-willed. You also don’t want to give too hard of a handshake because you might crush your interviewer’s hands. A simple firm handshake will do.

2. ​Be Energetic 

When you’re in your job interview, you have to be energetic and enthusiastic. If you’re not enthusiastic about yourself, your interviewer will feel the same. Show your energy, and your interviewer will have the impression that you will also put the same kind of enthusiasm in your work. 

3. Don’t Reveal too Much 

What you say can be used against you. That’s why it’s good not to reveal too much about yourself; otherwise, you could be backed into a corner. The key here is to stick to your resume and whatever is written there. Your resume will be your blueprint for your job interview, so don’t deviate from that.

4. Be Friendly 

 If you want the interviewer to remember you, one of the things to do is to be friendly and try to make friends with the interviewer. Even if the interviewer is not too friendly, try your best to get on his or her good side.

5. Always Focus on How You Can Fit in the Company 

One of the biggest job interview mistakes that beginners make is that they make the interview too centralized on themselves. When you’re in the interview, always remember that although the interviewer may care about what you did in the past, the interviewer’s primary concern is actually how your skills can help the company with their goals. With this, it’s good to always focus on how you can be an asset to the company.

6. Bring Some Visual Aids 

Although this may not require of you, it does give you some brownie points. Visual aids refer to supplemental documents or data that shows your expertise in a certain field. For example, if you are applying for the position of a graphic artist, then bring your portfolio. The same goes if you are applying to be a writer, social media specialist, or any other job.

​7. Ask Good Questions 

Another rookie mistake that a lot of people make while attempting to win the job interviewer’s attention is that they don’t ask questions. Interviewers want their applicants to ask questions because it will show the interviewer that the applicant is not afraid to know more and to ask for things. However, you have to ask the right questions. The tip here would be to ask questions that involve how you can help the company further its goals and other details about the job such as work hours and specific tasks.

If you want to ace your interview, then you have to be a cut above the rest; otherwise, the interviewer will just see you as one of the applicants. You want to show that you are different and that you can really contribute to the company with your talents. These tips will help you to ace your job interview and give a good impression to your interviewers.

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