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You’ve probably seen them in school. They are the kids who wear glasses, suspenders, and actually want to sit at the front of the classroom so that they can learn as much as possible.

Some call them geeks while others call them the future leaders in the business world. If you pay attention to their ways of learning, then you’ll understand just why geeks succeed in business where others seem to fail.

1. Working Alone

Most of the people you think of as geeks tend to work alone. It’s not that they don’t have any friends, but more so that that is how they are better able to function. They perform better in this manner, which is passed along to the business they work in as they don’t need to answer to anyone or have someone constantly watching them.

2. Team Contributors & Leaders

Of course, not every geek is the introverted type and needs his or her solitude to fully function. Many thrive in teams! Not only are they fully aware of their own intellectual worth when it comes to the business, but they are aware of others’ as well.

Therefore, they understand how to tactfully use every member to reach the intended goal and to even reach higher than that. They are also capable of leading out in whatever areas that they may be an expert in.

3. Educational Success

Many companies want someone who has succeeded in school. Geeks tend to enjoy reading and completing assignments. They strive to be at the top of the class in every subject. This determination is what will carry them through in the business career as they will have an upper hand simply by furthering their education. Some even go off to college and eventually get, whether from a physical institution or online, MBA’s.

4. Image Control

Geeks don’t think about impressing others. They want to get in and get the job done instead of worrying about what they wear or what others think about them. This is why they are so successful in business. Those who feel that it’s important to have flashy cars, nice houses, and other items that show that they are the best sometimes find that the money that is made is wastefully spent and doesn’t seem to have a grasp on what it takes to lead and work with others.

5. Technological World

Today’s world is more than just building with your bare hands. It’s about technology. Those who focus on technology and seem to spend their time in books and on the computer are often more successful than those who want others to complete the work for them or spend time texting instead of learning. It takes someone who understands how the technology works in the world, and the geeks just so happen to be the ones who stare at a computer screen most of the day.

The next time you see someone that you would label as “geek”, just remember that he or she is probably one of the future leaders of the business industry.

Written By
Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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