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Co-working spaces have become a must-have option for the workers of today. As the number of remote employees continues to rise, more and more individuals are looking for a place to work, communicate and brainstorm with others when they’re not in the office.

Co-working spaces are on the rise, and with that trend, owners need to stay in-tune with their customers. That means meeting demand, providing all of the right office tools, and offering unique spaces that tailor to each worker.

Fortunately for remote workers, small businesses, and freelancers, now is a great time to be a part of this demographic. Chances are if you’re looking for a specific type of co-working space, there is one already open or one on its way to serve you. One of the many unique examples that are growing in popularity is female-centric spaces.

That’s right—women who are in search of a female-only workspace can now sign up at these exclusive locations and enjoy an environment of smart, forward-thinking women.

So, why are female-centric co-working spaces taking the industry by storm?

1. Less Peer Pressure

It’s no surprise that many of the existing co-working spaces before now have been male-dominated. Even though women are more than capable of holding their own when it comes to their passions, many women value a more relaxed atmosphere, like what exists in a male-free environment.

Women have shared that they feel less pressure in a female-only zone, and they feel more confident to speak their minds and share ideas with other workers. Even though all co-working spaces encourage a sense of community and belonging, something about a female-only location offers a more welcoming, less judgmental atmosphere.  

2. More Feminine Décor

There is no denying that it’s much easier to work in a space where you feel comfortable. Women-centric workspaces have considered this and have already embraced more feminine décor that is a little bit cozier and female-focused.

Perks like larger washrooms, female-authored bookshelves, and softer color schemes have made the co-working spaces a more relaxed place to be. Instead of seeing pool tables and video game rooms, women can enjoy cozy reading nooks, lots of greenery, and Zen atmospheres.

3. Forward-thinking Options

Of course, there is much more than just the interior design that appeals to women, and these co-working spaces have taken lots of important issues to heart as well.

Some of the spaces, including Hera Hub with six locations, have an angel investment arm that seeks to support female entrepreneurs. Other places offer program options for young women, who can come into these environments and shadow one of their mentors.

Additionally, there is a growing focus on the mental health of women, as well as the pressures and responsibilities that they juggle daily. One space, known as The Wing, recently added a book club to their space. They’ve also begun to host seminars on depression and anxiety and guest speakers.

All this is in an attempt to support and empower women from all walks of life who are dealing with all kinds of different struggles and triumphs. These spaces are taking the industry by storm not only because they provide a much-needed safe space for women, but also because they encourage women to support one another.

These types of spaces are hard to find daily and are much more capable of being maintained in an environment that promises women-only.

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4. Interest Keeps Growing

The first female-centric co-working space opened in New York City in the Flatiron District. All kinds of powerful women flocked here, including models, writers, and fashion designers. The waiting list regularly sits around 3,000 people at a time, so it’s no surprise that three new locations are going to be opening up in SoHo, Brooklyn, and Washington.

Other hot spots for this idea include Shecosystem in Toronto and Paper Dolls in Los Angeles.

Why Should Women Join a Co-Working Space?

For many women, especially those just starting their business, it’s not easy putting yourself out there. Often, freelancers and small business owners will spend an excessive amount of time on their own, and the potential for anxiety and depression can intensify.

Heading into a co-working space is the ideal approach to getting outside, becoming social again, and pressing your business forward. Business owners have the opportunity to share their ideas with other like-minded individuals creating the ideal environment to bounce ideas off one another. 

The advantage is this: Women can improve their confidence and spread the word about their business all while getting some genuine help and support from others in the space.

Your Growth Will Be Exponential

The idea of the co-working space for small businesses is to become so big that you no longer fit the space anymore. What often starts as a team of one or two can quickly become a team of five or ten who now need their own office space to expand and explore the business’s potential.

In a female-centric co-working space where women support women, you’ll be able to gather advice and expertise from individuals with all kinds of talents and experiences. This is a great way to learn the dos and don’ts that others have learned or to provide your knowledge to others.

In a supportive space, such as a female co-working space, the knowledge you gain from others will be critical in making good decisions going forward.


Female-centric co-working spaces are meant to offer a place for workers to expand their horizons, or to just get some of their work done. Whatever the goal of the day is, these spaces provide the location, and the tools workers need to complete that project, find a new idea, or hire some new talent.

However, not all co-working spaces are equal. You absolutely should do some shopping around before you sign up for any memberships. Whether you want female-only or not, look for things that are important to you, such as quality office supplies, affordable prices, a large floorplan, or keyless entry.

Whatever it is, spend a day at your top three locations. This way you can gauge the atmosphere of the co-working space and choose the one that’s right for you.

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