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Big data analytics is the way to go for many modern businesses. After all, the patterns and associations that arise from the revealed patterns in the large data sets make great bases for business decisions. Depending on how the data is utilized, this implies growth for a business.

Hadoop came to bring this all together and ensure big data works to everyone’s advantage. It is a Java-based programming framework that allows for the processing of large sets of data. It uses industry-standards that are inexpensive thus making it cost-effective for the processing and storage of data. It offers parallel processing of distributed data, automatic failover management, scalability, data locality optimization, and can support large clusters of nodes. All these advantages make it perfect for big data analytics.

Hadoop’s importance is increasing daily with the shift toward big data. In 2017, trends pointed towards the adoption of Big Data Hadoop for the processing of 50% of the world’s data, and if current trends are anything to go by, Hadoop is making its mark.  

Hadoop Certification and Its Advantages

Automatically, there is a need for talent with Hadoop knowledge. Companies are looking to hire people with the skills required for the handling and appropriate processing of data using the Hadoop ecosystem.

Getting any of these  Big Data certifications from different Vendors i.e. Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, SAS, MongoDB, etc proves your knowledge of Hadoop and gives you an edge in big data.

A fact that can’t be ignored is the high cost of Hadoop certification. One can easily change their mind about getting certified or keep postponing it. A quick look at the benefits should keep you on the track to certification, no matter the initial financial dent it will make.

  • As a certified Hadoop professional, you will be better equipped to provide efficient service in the handling of Hadoop technical aspects.
  • Being properly equipped for big data will give you confidence in your abilities as a professional thus improving how you present and portray yourself. It also improves how you carry out your duties.  
  • It will give clients confidence in your abilities and skills in big data.
  • A Big Data Hadoop certification is highly recognized and recommended thus opening up better opportunities and prospects of a higher salary for you. A study showed that a certified Hadoop developer could earn an annual salary of $101,000 while a Hadoop administrator can take home around $128,500.
  • To excel in Big data Career, it is recommended to have a MongoDB certification here are the Reasons Why Your Big Data Career Needs a MongoDB Certification

Hadoop is an open-source which means different industry players can tweak and personalize it to suit their clients’ needs. The right Hadoop certification easily opens up lucrative career opportunities for skilled and committed professionals.

The choice here is dependent on what an organization needs and probably the cost. There are several certification options available on the market including MapR, Cloudera, IBM, and Hortonworks. Today we look at Hortonworks and Cloudera and how they compare to each other.

Cloudera Hadoop Certification

One of the more popular names in the game, Cloudera offers several big data certifications including:

  • Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer (CCDH):

This is for those interested in the development of code, maintenance, and optimization of Hadoop clusters in an enterprise environment. It comes in CCDH4 $295 and CCDH5 at $125 for upgrading. This certification carries no expiry but will need upgrading or renewal after every two years.

  • Cloudera Certified Administrator for Hadoop (CCAH):

CCAH provides training in administrative functions such as deployment, configuration, maintenance, and security of Hadoop clusters in enterprise projects.

It comes in two versions: CDH4 which costs $295 and the CDH5 which costs $125 for upgrading. While this certification doesn’t expire, it is only valid for a specific version.

  • Cloudera Certified Professional 

Data Scientist (CCP DS): This certification helps a data scientist put to work data science algorithms and solutions. It encompasses three exams and costs $200. It carries lifetime validity.  

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Hortonworks Hadoop Certification

Hortonworks has also made a name for itself offering Hadoop certification to individuals. It is currently offering the following certifications:

  • Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop Developer (HCAHD)

It gives experience with various aspects of the Hadoop environment including Flume, Hive, Pig, and Sqoop. The certification costs $250.

  • Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop Administrator (HCAHA)

It validates trainees’ hands-on experience with deploying and managing Hadoop clusters in an enterprise. It costs $250.

Hortonworks Vs. Cloudera

Looking at the two options and what they offer it may be difficult to choose between the two. It is important to note that what matters most is the experience that the Hadoop certification training gives you and not the vendor you get your training from. This is because different training avenues are suited to different business needs.

Both Cloudera and Hortonworks certifications give hands-on experience of data analysis and transformation. Both also offer valuable support in the form of instructor-led training, paid practice tests, and exam objectives. Cloudera currently has a larger market share though.

Cloudera Hadoop Certification offers both Spark and Hadoop in one certification while Hortonworks does it in two separate certifications. This makes Cloudera less costly. You are more likely to see job advertisements for Cloudera certified professionals and the salary offers are usually thrice as much as similar job postings. That looks very tempting!


Do not let money be the deciding factor because you will need to be relevant for your industry regardless of the vendor you settle for. Look at the tweaks and specifics that fit your profile best, look at where your organization wants you to fit into, look at industry trends, and how they will impact your career path because these are the important aspects. Once you analyze those, you should be able to make an appropriate choice of vendor.

It is easy to conclude that Cloudera certification is the better option. It has greater mindshare thus making it easier to compare notes with others. The parent company is also keen on phasing out obsolete technologies and fast, thus making their certification curriculum always up-to-date according to industry trends and needs.

Whichever way you choose to go, a Hadoop certification will push your chances of visibility and higher pay by a large percentage. It can be the game-changer as you switch careers and will establish you as a big data professional. Why can’t you look out for this course which can help you in passing Cloudera Hadoop certification?

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