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Giving presentations – there’s no simple escape from it, from grade school to college life to our professional life. No matter how much we hate creating and designing visuals and slides and speaking in front of a bunch of people, we have no choice to do it.

When we were students, we absolutely had no control over this. We have to give a presentation about our project or thesis because we need to pass the grade and, yes, to get out of school.

Now that we’re working, we still have no choice. Just kidding, we do have a choice, go give that presentation or, you know, quit. 

If you think of it, what’s the fuss all about? Presenting your slides only takes a few minutes of your life, what are we so nervous about? That someone will ask us a difficult question?

That we may suddenly say something incorrect? Or we just can’t get over the fact that hundreds of people will be staring at us and we may forget how to breathe?

If you are nervous about these things, there’s actually a quick fix to help you give an amazing presentation without hiring a professional public speaker to help you: practice your paralanguage.

Paralanguage what? 

According to Collins Dictionary, Paralanguage means nonverbal elements in speech, such as intonation, that may affect the meaning of an utterance.

So what’s this have to do with nailing a presentation? Everything! This infographic breaks it all down.

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Belle Balace is a Growth Specialist in Visme, a one-stop online visual tool where anyone can create engaging and animated presentations, infographics, data visualizations and other visual content in less time.

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