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Just after you reveal that you are searching for a new gig, you get bombarded with the shells of some unsought job search advice.

Right? Well, some of the most common ones include: “Revise your resume,” “Talk to my best friend’s brother who used to be an intern there” and what not!

No doubt, all the people who share job search advice in this way are your well-wishers and friends but not the career connoisseurs. Thus, the quality of their suggestions is often not up to the mark. They are indeed the right people with whom you can celebrate a new job but not the ones who can help you find a perfect job for yourself. 

For this, there are some credible sources available from whom you can get such advice which are worth your time. They are none but the professional career coaches, HR consultants, and experts in various subject matters.

Do you want to know what they have to say? Here are some clear and crisp job searching tips by the famous career experts out there:

1. Make a Plan

Mary Warriner

Before you start the process, it is very crucial to identify some vital features like the importance of finding a new job for you, the right time-frame to look for a job, types of companies you would prefer, your timeline for updating the resume and cover letter, etc.

Just include all these specifications and make a perfect job search plan. Now, post it in such a place where it can be easily visible. Also, don’t forget to mark the critical dates in the calendar. With the right plan, you’ll not be haphazard and stay ahead of the game. Planning your search indicates that you’re sticking to the idea of finding a new job. Thus, it is pretty sure that you’ll find the one that you are hoping for.

2. Opt for Informative Interviews

April Klimkiewicz, a career coach and founder of Bliss Evolution

If you want to know the decision-makers, it is crucial to ask for some informational meetings with them. Just saying that you’re looking for a job change and if the person knows about anything would be merely a ‘hard sell.’

If ‘soft sell’ is something that you believe in, ask for specific information and let them share their stories. It will help you to be ahead in the path of your career. It is a fact that people who are happy with their work like to talk about the strategies which made them successful. Hence, arranging some informational meetings with decision-makers will prove to be something beneficial for you.

Your EQ-Finding the Right Job

Businesswoman and Businessman in Meeting


3. Excel in Your Current Job

Aurora Meneghello, career coach and owner of Repurpose Your Purpose.

Who doesn’t know his/her work? All of us do. Right?

Howbeit, the one and only significant differentiator which can let you become the right candidate for your new gig is your proficiency in the current job. You should portray yourself as a positive, collaborative, and reliable co-worker or boss in the position that you are already doing.

It is evident that like attracts like. So, the authentic and trustworthy people who are hiring will always like for working with the same kind of individuals who are committed to a positive mentality at work.

Hence, be dutiful and sensible in your current job, show the same gesture during an interview, and that’s it. Focus on how you are as a professional presentation and future opportunities will automatically open up to you. 

4. Build a Comprehensive Network

Jill Santopietro-Panall, HR consultant and originator of 21Oak HR Consulting, LLC

The right kind of networking is not the connection which you have with the Bigwigs. Instead, the most effective one is the natural kind which can happen anytime, anywhere. How does it work?

For example, you are at your kid’s golf game, and someone asks you, ‘what is your profession?’ You can answer a little tactically and say, ‘I’m working as a software engineer in a huge IT firm, but I am looking for a job change and want to move to XYZ, is there any of your known ones in that industry?’

No doubt, there’s an undeniable chance that you’ll be punched with some of the most irrelevant information in the universe. But, honestly, you can never predict who might have the right connection for you. So, it is always smart to work all the angles.

5. Make Use of Resume Keywords and Ask for Referrals

Mikaela Kiner, Founder of Uniquely HR 

It is not just your resume which is going to land in the HR’s desk of your desired company. There are hundreds of more candidates who will apply for the same position as you have done.

Hence, recruiters often use online applicant tracking systems to make the sorting process less tedious. It means that your resume might get unnoticed by the hiring manager if you’re not using the right keywords.

So, make sure that you include them in your curriculum vitae to let it stand out. Also, if there are some accompanying referrals from influential people in your resume, then it will increase its possibilities to get viewed by the recruiter.

Don’t feel embarrassed to reach out to anyone for a reference. This is entirely professional and people will certainly back you up if you are worth it. In case, you are lagging regarding personal connection; social media is there for you to figure out who give such referrals.


So, this is what the virtuosos think about how one should prepare to get his/her dream job. If you were still stuck with the wrong approaches, it’s time to take the right step in the right direction now. However, be creative and smart enough to find out your potent and innovative right job searching tactics, mix and match them with the aforementioned proven ways, and there you are!   


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