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One of the reasons why US expats choose to move abroad is for the work opportunities, which is made clear by the growing number of American’s leaving the country to pursue careers overseas. According to data compiled by LinkedIn, even though the United States were among the top 20 countries where professionals are moving for work, the US experienced a net loss (-0.06%) of country membership. This is compared to the United Arab Emirates which saw the highest influx of migrants (1.89%).

Moving abroad for work opportunities can be great, especially for expats with experience in specific areas. For instance, in Bangalore, expats looking to find work can find plenty of opportunities in the city’s major sectors which include IT, biotech, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics and consumer electronics.

Another advantage for expats moving abroad for work is the benefit of saving money especially in countries which have a lower cost of living. For instance, Hanoi in Vietnam, is thought to be, on average, about 61% cheaper than living in London or New York

With a much lower cost of living, expats from Western countries with high living standards may find that they are able to save money and live very well in countries like Vietnam. 

While this all sounds great for business-minded expats, it can be difficult to tear yourself – and your family – away from everything you know. From friends and family, to national holidays and air conditioning, to creature comforts like Hershey’s chocolate and Cheetos, this infographic created by Aetna International reveals what US expats miss the most about home.

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