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Anyone that is trying to make it happen in this world (improves their career or their venture) will try to leverage the power of networking.

As the saying goes, it is not what you know, but who you know. Although it is sad to admit, the saying is true.

However, the art form of networking isn’t set in stone. For those of you that think you need to act a certain way to get ahead in the world, there is a different way. In fact, there is a handful of different ways at your disposal, and they are all pretty weird.

Don’t worry, though – they are very effective. Check them out and see for with your own eyes.

Get on the Internet

Most of you won’t think that going on LinkedIn and asking people for a favor is weird. To be honest, most of you will think it is the norm.

But, that isn’t the case when you break it down to the bare bones. For starters, you are conversing with a person that you haven’t met before and couldn’t pick out in a line-up.

It is like going up to a stranger on the street and asking for a job recommendation if you could do it remotely. Plus, it is all done without any face-to-face interaction. Come on, that pretty weird! Still, it is very effective. Don’t forget that there is more to online networking than LinkedIn with Facebook and Twitter.

Go to Seminars

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The first place you go when you want to network is a corporate meeting or event. However, these places are full of people that are on their guard. They don’t want to talk to you, and they will try their hardest not to.

As a result, it is hard to get hold of someone’s ear, never mind impress these people. Instead, you want to go to places full of industry individuals that are more relaxed. A lecture at a seminar is a great place to start. As Paulson Plastics Academy notes, their seminars are full of people looking to improve their skill set. Learning new skills is one way to skin a cat, but making contact is another.

Make Friends

Industry people are always keen on making acquaintances, but they are never so keen on making friends. Maybe they don’t like the idea of getting too close to someone, but they are missing out on this tactic. Instead, they should be looking to make friends. As you know, a friend is more likely to help you out than an acquaintance because they are more invested in your future. As such, they will come to your aid in your time of need. If you don’t have any, however, that isn’t going to happen. Think about making a lasting connection rather than a fleeting one.

And Ask for Help

Do your friends work in the industry? Do they know someone that can help you out?

If they do, you should ask them to make an introduction. No one likes to blur the lines between work and friends, but it won’t do any harm as long as you treat them with respect. Just remember they are doing you a favor, so act accordingly.

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