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Here are the Top 3 of the Most liked,shared and commented posts on Productivity, for the week of January 11th to January 15th,2016.

1. How to increase your Productivity

This post by Richard Branson on his company’s website virgin.com, is about a simple life hack that will make your meetings more productive. Think of this, how many meetings have been started late & time has been lost?Because the attendees are late. Imagine if yourself and everyone started the meeting when it was supposed to start – how much more effective your day would be.

2. The Akrasia Effect: Why we don’t follow through on what we set out to do (and what to do about it)

If you procrastinate i.e put things off – you are not alone. Even the most successful individuals have faced this predicament. James Clear talks about the Akrasia effect – the state of acting against your better judgement. He shares why we procrastinate; and also shares ideas on how to effectively get started on our projects and avoid procrastination.

3. 5 Pieces of Fiction to Inspire Productivity

It has been a while since I have read fiction – but this curated post by grammarly has given me inspiration to pick up fiction again. The author suggests provides a summary of 5 books , and what you can learn from these books. There is a direct relationship between inspiration and productivity.


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