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Are you hunting for ways to renovate your office? Well, you have come to the right place!

I know exactly how difficult it can be to revamp a workspace to make it look unique, suit your style, and be perfectly ergonomic in design – all at the same time! It is not impossible, right?

So, I am an interior designer by hobby and profession, and I have found that there are some basic rules that everyone should learn about interior designing, kind of like the ABC of interior designing if someone wants to plan their entire setup.

I have worked in both commercial and domestic areas, but I have found that I prefer working in the commercial over home design projects. Playing with the options is fun and much more radical in a workspace because suddenly you have a broader customer range that you have to target.

It is easier to renovate a home, in my opinion. The hubby wants what the wife wants — and most kids want what their mother wants for them — so I have to figure out their individual choices and design space according to them.

A workspace, however, must suit a lot of people’s requirements and needs; therefore, it is probably the most time-consuming and hectic job that I take on.  

Today I’ll give you a few tips that I have learned from my years and years of experience of working as an interior designer; you check them off your little list, and you are off to designing a great workspace without getting any help from a designer.(Though a little aesthetic sense is a must!)

1. Work up the Storage

Okay, so, you’re going to need a lot of storage space, and you should instil the concept in your mind that even if you are a minimalist, papers are going to pile up.

You will have other computer devices to store, maybe some furniture and some appliances from the kitchen. In a nutshell, you need storage space.

It entirely depends on how nifty you can be with your space. I recommend that every desk you have should include space to store an employee’s belongings in it.

It will help you declutter their tables, which will eventually lead to a clearer thinking pattern for them and a more professional looking office for you.

When you’re leasing the building for your office, make sure they have a basement or at least a tiny room: the designated purpose of that particular construction should be stored.

If you’re starting a setup and you don’t have individual cubicles for people to work in, you might consider stashing all the excess dividers, desks and chairs away for the time being. The least the clutter, the cleaner space will look, and as a result, you’re likely to feel better about your workspace.  

Also, try to own minimum furniture and don’t keep buying unnecessary things that you won’t need to put up in your workplace.

2. Get a Nice Reception

Even the best-designed office is going to look unprofessional if there is no one sitting at a desk with a polite smile, greeting your clients, wishing them a great day and tending to them.

A workspace is not like a house, I get it, but you need to welcome your clients just like you would a guest at your place. If they walk in your doors, they mean business. And you need to provide them with the best if you want to excel at what you’re doing already.

Even if you have less room, you should try to sneak in a little desk into your workspace. Then, hire a happy, witty person who can think on his/her feet for performing the task of a receptionist.

Trust me, you will thank me for this idea later. I am aware that appointing a receptionist is a bit conventional and you might think that your new business is not in dire need of one, but I still recommend that you get a someone who can tend to your customers while you deal with other clients.

3. Get the Right Furniture

People populate your office, and mostly it is their energies that play a decisive role in determining what your office feels like to a client who just barged in.

Remember that humans read vibes unconsciously and so if you want to maintain a great workspace you have to keep the well being and preferences of your employees in your mind as well. If they are all gloomy and dull, then I doubt that you’d be giving off the right image.

Adjust a side lounge for your employees where they can go and relax for a while. I’ll give you a little tip, set up a miniature golf course in a corner so your employees can relax and take their minds off of work for a while.

It will also add a bit of personality to your workspace. Try to find functional ways of entertainment that keep your employees from getting bored.

Above all, you should focus on the use of ergonomic furniture to better their health conditions. I strongly suggest that you only buy furniture from sellers who sell ergonomically designed chairs and standing desks.

Encourage the concept of standing while working because it is good for your health. For those interested, you can purchase adjustable standing desks here.

Job Interview - At-Home Consultancy Business Office Space-Make Your Office Look More Professional

4. Floor Work

You need to check what lies under the large wall-to-wall carpeted place you just leased for an office. The tricky part is that it could either be a lustrous wood-planked floor or a concrete floor in terrible condition.

But either way, you’re not losing much. So long as you do some fixtures and polishing, I’m sure you will be off to enjoying the best workplace ever.

The chances are that if you ask your lessor, they might clean up the carpet or buy a new one before you even finalize the lease deal—it is the general practice in most areas. But I would recommend that you opt for floors instead of carpets.

This reminds me to bring up my second tip: I believe you ought to be very careful the first time you’re hiring a vendor to perform ANY job.

The reason is that if you get your internet and light fixtures right the first time, you won’t have to call in again and again for someone to fix the broken lamp switch or a connection that sucks!

5. Cultivate a Natural Habitat

By natural, I mean QUITE NATURAL. Relax. I didn’t say you need to bring pets in; however, frequently I have noticed employers let a select few hyper-conscious employees bring their pups, and it had a significant impact on their work.

I renovated a small copy-writing company and one of the employees—Dan—had a cute Labrador pup named Hansel. Everyone adored the dog, and it was probably the best part of the work environment that they had set up there.

That said, this is not the only mode through which you can regulate your workspace environment. You can begin by opting for a small garden outside the workspace so that your employees can stroll there in leisure time. Though if your office is not situated on the ground floor I am afraid that won’t be an option.

Plants can also serve as phenomenal zone dividers, and you can stock up on indoor plants to keep your workspace looking fresh. If you’re running out of space for plants and you cannot put them anywhere, place some mini cactuses at your table.

Make Your Office Look More Professional

6. Focus on the Lighting

Last but not least: pay particular attention to the light fixtures in your office! They don’t have to cost you a fortune, but with a little thoughtful planning, you can install an excellent lighting system in your office.

I recommend that along with overhead lighting you use a few table lamps and some floor lamps as well.

Floor lamps would add a touch of class to your office, and it will instantly begin to look classy and quite put together. Table lamps, on the other hand, can offer you a great deal of functionality which brings me to my second suggestion in this regard.

Have you been avoiding nature’s splendid and the warm light that pours through those gorgeous windows because it might cause a glare on the screen?

You need to rethink your whole life, buddy. The careful study can lead you to discover the right positions for your desk, and you can have your employees set up their desks in a way that sunlight doesn’t directly hit their windows at any given hour.

So you can let the air and light flow through the entire office through those windows.

I hope these tips would help you design and run your workplace in a much better way than before!


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Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home décor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. Read more about her posts at Ergo Edge.

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