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“Am I any good at time management?”

Now, no one is saying that you are horrible at time management. If you got through high school, your time management skills are at the very least passable.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, when it comes to getting your dream job, “passable” won’t do the trick. And even if by chance you happen to get that job, keeping it will prove much more of a challenge if your schedule is your worst enemy.

What is undoubtedly worth keeping in mind is that time management is not specifically about speed. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to have Flash-level reflexes, but being in control of your schedule implies more than that.

If you’re always finding yourself in a state of hurry, it doesn’t mean that you are an omnipotent Timelord who can be in several places at the same time. If anything, such a rushed state is evidence to the contrary.

How so?

Well, if you are in a constant rush, perhaps it is because you let a couple of deadlines creep up without notice, or maybe you are not very good at keeping track of your responsibilities.

Most people who show impressive feats of productivity are calm, composed, and focused. Their ability to concentrate on the task at hand and avoid harmful distractions is what makes them productive.

Stress-inducing haste, on the other hand, only leads to a more frantic and unstable workflow.

This desire to rush things at the workplace goes hand in hand with another bane of time-management guides: multitasking.

By forcing yourself to process several sources of information at once, grabbing frantically at things all over your desk, and writing a bunch of work emails simultaneously, you tend to waste a lot of time while accomplishing very little.

The science is quite clear on this one: our attempts at multitasking lower our productivity.

You are probably thinking:

“Alright, so, multitasking is not the key to successful time management. What is, then?”

We are glad you asked.

Because we have something to make you better at managing your time.

It’s not just one piece of advice—it’s a 15-tip infographic with techniques that are as simple as they are effective.

Want to stop lagging behind your colleagues? Then give this infographic a try and learn to manage your time like a pro!

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