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Even if you send a customized resume to your targeted employer’s list, your resume does not have a lot of time to leave an impression. To catch the reader’s attention on your resume, you need a cover letter first that compels the hiring manager to flip around and read your single-paged resume.

Your cover letter has done its job. When the hiring manager is on your resume, he is expecting something that will excite him and coerce him to talk to you.

Hence, to make your resume stand out and make the reader get in touch with you, here are 10 things that must be present on your resume and are readable in the first few seconds of glances.

1. The Kind of Work You Do

Your resume must communicate to the employer the kind of work you do right now. Your career summary would take care of it. Be professional with the kind of language you use, otherwise, the purpose of your message would be lost. Get right to the point.

For example: “I am an IT Manager specializing in large scale software implementation.”

2. You Are Attentive and Smart

This would be the basic job requirement for any job that you apply to. This means that you can’t have any typos, spelling errors or any other errors in it.

3. You Understand the Business Enough

It is a must that your resume must convey that you have a proper understanding of the business you are getting into. Highlight your business knowledge through examples rather than just including jargon and buzzwords.

4. You Have a Clear Career Goal

It is important for the employer to understand your career goal and how this role fits in it. The more they find logical progression in your resume, the more it will display a stronger aspect of your career.

5. You Have an Appropriate Educational Information

Your resume must tell the recruiter about your knowledge and from where did you attain this knowledge. Even if your training happened somewhere else than your college, the recruiter should know that.

6. You Are Capable and Reliable

Just saying “I am capable” and “I am reliable” does not make you one. The recruiter on your resume is looking for instances that show that you are both. Putting up these words without any support is just a waste of time. Show your best qualities to your recruiter through your resume and not just talk about them.

7. You Pay Attention to Details

Details are important. Make sure your cover letter and your resume has the same font, same size and use the same link (preferably black) and same paper.

8. Use Stories and Not Jargons 

Avoid anything that calls you hardworking, honest, team player, an excellent communicator, etc. They are just taking up space on your resume without giving you any benefits. Instead use a story, simple and impactful.

9. Your Way of Getting in Touch

It should be clear to the reader that how should they get in touch with you. It should be simple and available at first glance.

Your resume is one of the most important documents required during your job search that can help you make it or break it. To make it, you must have your resume stand out from the competition.

Another way to make your resume stand out is by knowing what must not be listed on the resume.

Here is a list of ten things that must not be included in your resume.

  • Your past or current salary
  • Self-praising adjectives
  • Any information that is confidential to the ex-employer and might cause legal issues
  • Your height, weight, ethnicity, marital status, or anything related to religion or caste is not required on CV.

If you know what to include and what not to, your resume would help you get an edge over others.


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