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Do you feel you are ready for your next big promotion, but haven’t quite achieved it?  What could be holding you back?  Do you think that you are deserving of a bigger paycheck than you are?  

It could be that you haven’t quite made your career goal of 2018 yet, so we have put together a list of ways that you can improve your chances of getting the promotion you deserve.

1. Dress to Impress

In terms of first impressions, how you dress is important and can say a lot about you.  Studies show that executives and high-level management decision makes feel that the clothing choices by employees would affect their chances of promotion. 

If you do happen to work in an office or environment that is fairly casual, then it may not be appropriate to go into work with a suit and tie, but you can find lots of other ways to dress that will impress your boss.  

2. Be Sociable with Others

Although you may not always feel like staying behind for after-work activities or feel like being sociable, it’s important in showing your boss that you care about the workplace and that you care about building strong relationships with others in your team.  

It could be anything from making sure that you are available for charity days or team days, or that you are part of the regular pub quiz.  It shows that you are willing to put time into the company.  

3. Behave Like a Leader

In order to climb up the employment ladder, you need to make sure that you can prove you have good leadership skills.  It takes a certain element of confidence to be able to do this and can be something that some people struggle with if they aren’t natural leaders.

Getting online career coaching can be a great way to develop upon this skill and to find out if there are any underlying issues in terms of your confidence levels at the same time.  

4. Display the Right Attitude

Your attitude towards work and in general can be a major determining factor in terms of getting a promotion.  If you are known for being a little negative and pessimistic – these aren’t necessarily qualities that your employer would look for when considering someone to lead a team.  

You need to ensure that you have a positive mentality and show that you are always on the lookout for positive outcomes, and solutions as opposed to problems.

5. Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

This one is fairly straight forward.  If you don’t have the discussion with your boss that you want to progress and grow within the company, they may not know that that is one of your goals.  

Don’t be afraid to make it clear that you are looking for some new career opportunities within the organisation.  The majority of people who ask for promotions (even if they don’t get the job straight away) – get a positive result.  

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