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If you ever been in a situation where you were searching for a perfect job, you know how difficult it can be.

Sometimes, it is a smooth and straightforward journey, but sometimes nothing goes the way you had it planned, so you are left lost and confused. In moments like that, it is easy to lose motivation to continue looking for a perfect job.

However, it is not time to give up! Here are some ideas on getting motivation during your search!

1. Structure Your Job Search and Set Clear Goals

There are a lot of factors that could be killing your motivation and therefore be hindering you from pursuing your ambitious goals. Those factors vary from one person to another and depend on a whole range of different variables.

However, if there was one universal reason that caused people to ‘burn out’ and give up on themselves and their potential prosperous future way too early, it would be the inability to structure their wishes correctly.

For a lot of people who do not know how to outlay the steps that they are required to take to achieve their final destination, the whole journey can quickly become too overwhelming. And losing control over the situation is often the factor that will inevitably discourage them from pursuing their dreams.

The truth is that on several occasions people do, indeed, have their final goal in mind, and are overall pretty confident about what they want at that very point in time. They stay focused on what they believe their great prize is, and are constantly thinking about the ways of getting it. However, often this is exactly what prevents them from doing so!

While it might sound counterintuitive, being too centred on your big goals can discourage you from attaining them. The reason for this is the fact that often the aforementioned goals, despite being set in stone and therefore being pretty clear e.g. getting a perfect job, getting a promotion, etc., are too major. Often the size of these goals affects our perception of them, sometimes even to the point where they come across as sacred. Because of that, they seem to be unmanageable.

The first sign of your goal is too vague is that you feel lost and do not know where to start.

Even if you do have a rough idea about what you need to do to get closer to your goal, there is immense pressure to get everything right on your first try, which can be scary. You are so invested in calculating what would be the best approach to take that you end up not taking any and therefore are left stuck at the very beginning of your adventure. And that is one of the biggest motivation killers.

Some people say that the best way to overcome this is ‘to start somewhere’, but this does not apply to a lot of situations, especially to the situations as serious as searching for a perfect job.

If your plan looks anything like ‘Step 1. Start looking for a perfect job. … Step 2. Get the perfect job’, you are likely to have absolutely no idea as to what is there in between those two. Subsequently, likely, you will still be unsure as to what to use as an infallible starting point. And even if your case is not that extreme and has some additional steps, there is no such thing as setting goals too little when trying to work towards an important milestone in your life.

It is believed that the best thing one can do to feel motivated to either start the search or keep searching for a perfect job is to break the task down into several smaller, more manageable chunks.

Job Search-Software Development-Your Career-Freelancer-Task Management

The thing that keeps you going is continuous progress. If there is a gulf in between your starting point and your final goal, you will not see any of it until you get your dream job. And even that is very unlikely since chances are you will give up midway without seeing some noticeable signs of success. You need to understand that to stay motivated you need to have a sense of moving in the right direction. The best way of doing that is setting SMART goals.

In this case, SMART is an abbreviation that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. All of those adjectives should be descriptive of your objectives.

Firstly, you need to specify the exact steps that you need to take to get your perfect job. This will help you to break it down into smaller tasks that will keep you busy at all times.

This is yet another benefit of having SMART objectives on your motivation: if your process of searching for a perfect job is continuous and coherent instead of being a sequence of random outbursts of determination, you will likely remain motivated to keep working on achieving your goal.

What you need to remember when setting specific goals is that you should make them as detailed as possible. This means that instead of ‘redo the resume’ your to-do list should have something like ‘work on the quality of the Skills section of the resume by updating the information with newly attained skills’.

Secondly, your goals need to be measurable and attainable. One of the reasons why you are breaking down the large task in the first place is for you to be able to see your progress and adequately assess it. Therefore, you need to set such tasks that you could evaluate and mark as completed. On top of that, stay realistic! While it can be tempting to overestimate your abilities and put down something that would push you forward, you need to remember that it is succeeding and being able to see the little achievements that foster your motivation.

At last, you need to make sure that the goals you set are relevant and time-bound. You may be trying to convince that watching that series on Netflix with Spanish subtitles could contribute to your language skills, but in reality, it will be just you procrastinating. Procrastination is one of the worst enemies of motivation as it makes you lazy and undisciplined. So, pick your objectives responsibly. O

n top of that, to pace yourself, you should also make those goals time-bound so that you would not be postponing completion of your to-do list. After all, it is the time restrictions that make us work harder and think outside of the box.

2. Update Your CV and Work On Your Branding

It has already been mentioned previously in this article that one of the things that you can work on is your resume. Perfecting your CV is an extremely helpful thing to do if you ever feel stuck and unmotivated to continue your search for a perfect job.

There are a couple of reasons why updating your CV is such a great idea. First of all, there is plenty of research to prove that a better resume affects your hireability and makes you stand out in the eyes of your potential employers.

According to a study by Talent Inc., people with better resumes are likely to find a much better job and do that much sooner than someone who has a somewhat less attractive resume.

It can be easily explained by the fact that those candidates who submit a more professional resume appear more professional and ambitious in the eyes of potential employers. This applies to both the outlay and composition of the resume and its contents. Indeed, the HR department is more likely to spend more time studying a resume that looks good and catches their eye.

It immediately shows them that you are a serious person who approaches all they do responsibly and put a lot of effort into the tasks you need to tackle. Furthermore, once they start reading your resume, if they are genuinely impressed with your ability to market yourself to the employer, they will give you the job.

After all, a successful resume is the one that gets you the job that you want. Therefore, you need to make sure that it highlights all the advantages and skills you have so that it would effectively differentiate your candidature from all the other applicants for the position you are interested in.

Sometimes, working on your branding would mean perfecting the skills that you already have and obtaining some new ones. This is a great way to keep you motivated as you will always be developing yourself and be entertained with all the new information coming your way. However, often it is even easier than that. On several occasions, you can successfully improve your resume by revising it and remarketing some of the achievements you have. Your key task is to make your skills sound impressive and incorporate them into your resume in such a way that they would match the job description perfectly.

If you do not have any ideas as to how to improve your resume, you may look into the resume factors that improve your hireability first and plan your subsequent actions according to the tips mentioned in the article.

3. Make Plans for the Future

Another thing that often helps you to regain motivation as well as stay motivated to keep searching for a perfect job is reminding yourself why you want it in the first place.

Often, we get so hung up on the process itself that we start losing the grand vision. It is extremely difficult to stay committed to the cause if you do not have the incentive to strive for something. Hence, it is the lack of meaning of our actions that has immense negative effects on our motivation.

Therefore, to get motivated during your search for a perfect job you need to once again show yourself what you are doing that for.

One of the best ways of doing that would be by making some plans for the future. They need to be realistic since you do not want to end up being disappointed, yet you should, by all means, be ambitious in your planning.

Think about all the benefits your dream job would bring to you and how you could exploit them to change your life. Perhaps, you have always dreamt about buying a new car and a good salary is what you are after at the moment? Or maybe you are interested in travelling the world and are looking for a job that would allow you to go abroad frequently for work? Visualize that, think about how you will feel once you will have achieved that, and lock that vision in your memory so that you would stay focused on what matters.

Perhaps, you could even create a vision board, either a physical or a digital one. While this might seem like a step too far for some, it is a great activity to feel productive.

Moreover, it will help you to get a better understanding of what is important for you and therefore give you a clearer idea of the job that would be perfect for you. Is that the one that offers a lot of connections within the industry, the one that gives the employees a chance to travel the world or the one that pays extremely well? One way or another, it will only further refine your goal and make you see why you need to keep working towards getting the job of your dreams.

You are the only one who can make your dreams come true, so you need to take the act on it and power through all the setbacks and challenges that appear on your way to achieving your goals!

4. Turn to Your Professional Network for Help

That being said, you need to remember that networking is a great way of finding a job that would be suitable for you.

Think about your circle of professional acquaintances and draw some connections. Perhaps, you know someone who could recommend a company that would be a match made in heaven for you or maybe you even have someone who works in a place that has a vacant job suitable for you personally.

That would speed up the process of searching for a perfect job and have a significant effect on your state. One of the main reasons why we lose motivation is that we do not have enough progress visible to us. This has already been discussed earlier and the only thing to add is that asking your colleagues for advice is one of the best ways to initiate the aforementioned progress.

However, there is another reason for losing motivation. While it is, too, closely tied in with the lack of visible progress, it is more deep-rooted and comes from the lack of understanding that the path to success is rarely linear.

Two Colleagues Having a Meeting at A Coffee Shop-Job Search

A lot of people fail to understand and accept the fact that it is normal for them to go through both ups and downs before they finally achieve what they are working towards. Nonetheless, this is exactly what happens in real life. It is okay to slow down from time to time and perhaps even take a step back or two. All of these are a part of your journey and should not affect your willingness to get a perfect job. On the contrary, challenges should only further motivate you to put in some extra effort and finally get what you deserve!

Unfortunately, despite being logical, the aforementioned statement is often hard to believe and remember in times of hardships. Therefore, another good way of getting motivation during your search for a perfect job is by getting inspired by the people from your professional network and delineating a couple of career role models for you to look up to.

Think of someone who you admire professionally. Perhaps, it is someone who you know that is a talented worker with an innovative approach to tasks, or maybe it is someone who already works at your dream company. Fortunately, in the modern world, you can reach out even to the people that you are not acquainted with personally thanks to the various social media platforms.

One of the best social media platforms when it comes to human resources is LinkedIn. Find that person’s profile and stalk them for a bit scrolling through the history of their previous jobs. Chances are, their success was not momentary but rather took a lot of time to come to. This will give you the motivation to try harder despite all the obstacles on your way.

5. Ask Your Close Friends and Relatives for Both Support and Adequate Criticism

Another important thing to remember while you are struggling with your search for a perfect job is that you are not alone in it. Do not get too worked up to the point where you feel exhausted and do not know what else to do.

You should always remember that there are people who have your back no matter what and whom you could turn to for support.

Do not feel ashamed to admit that you are not as motivated as you could be and talk to your friends or relatives. Even if they are far from the sphere in which you want to work and cannot quite help with a professional assessment, they will always be happy to cheer you up and remind you how wonderful you are.

But perhaps this is not what you need? Apart from being your biggest fans, your supporters can also be your harshest critics if you ask them to. After all, they are the people that know your strengths and weaknesses best and can be honest with you without being afraid to hurt you. For this very reason, they are particularly fit to evaluate your progress and, perhaps, help you with some areas that you are struggling in.

Not only could that encourage you to work harder towards your goals and therefore boost your motivation, but also open your eyes to something that you could have not been able to notice yourself. There are studies to prove that constructive criticism is extremely helpful in motivating you, so do not miss an opportunity to benefit from it!

6. Focus on the Process of Searching for a Job of Your Dreams

This article has already brushed on the topic of looking for a perfect job is a continuous process that you need to treat as an ongoing project, but there is a lot more to unpack.

For a lot of people, the source of demotivation is the fact that they focus on achieving some results and disregarding the process itself. This leads to a quick burn out and therefore leaves you discouraged to continue your search.

However, if you think about it, the process of searching for a perfect job is a journey! And you can make it fun. The only thing to remember is that you need to make sure that before you find a job to be a good fit for you, the job search itself shall be your job!

You need to ensure that you are putting all of yourself into it and do not procrastinate, and then you will be able to see the results of your work. Nonetheless, that this process should not negatively affect you, so…

7. Stay Positive and Do Not Let Your Current Status Define You

This could include taking a step back and taking a day off. While searching for your dream job is a continuous thing, you have to understand that obsessing over it could make you lose focus and get distracted from what matters.

Do not let the lack of results to define you and change your perception of yourself. Even if you face rejection or an array of ‘We will get in touch with you!’, it should not decrease your self-worth. Without a doubt, not getting a result that you had hoped for should encourage you to work a bit more on your resume, but this is about as far as it goes. You should not go into a depression because of one unsuccessful interview. It is all about the experience that you grow! Perhaps, the place that you applied to was not the best match for you personally.

Be Positive-Job Search

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One way or another, you need to believe in yourself as well as believe that your desired outcome is possible and attainable granted you work hard!

In conclusion, it can be said that the search for a perfect job can be a challenging journey. It is not always linear and there are moments when you will want to give up.

However, you need to remember what are the reasons for which you want to get that job as well as believe in yourself and your outstanding skills! Motivation is all about taking baby steps towards your dream, and finally getting there!


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