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The bottom line is your employees’ jobs are bound to be stressful at times.

Although you shouldn’t be expected to keep your employees relaxed every minute of the workday, there’s no doubt that too much stress can negatively impact them. And, ultimately, your business.

The majority of Americans say their work is the single-biggest source of stress in their lives. And, there is no question that prolonged stress can cause some serious workplace issues.

If they don’t get some much-needed relief, stressed-out employees may become burnt-out employees, causing productivity to plummet.

Even worse, excessive stress levels within the workplace can cause retention issues as experienced, tenured employees become dissatisfied, questioning their careers. And employers and ultimately leaving.

A domino effect can be triggered as other already stressed employees have to pick up the workload of departed employees and employer satisfaction continues to spiral downward along with productivity.

Even though stress is a fact of life when it comes to most business environments, employers must consider how stress is impacting their employees.

While employees should be able to handle the normal stresses associated with their daily tasks, they should also know that their employers are willing to help them destress when things become too difficult to handle.

Some businesses go all-out to help employees de-stress with perks such as massage therapy and unlimited paid time off. But those types of solutions are not practical for every employer.

However, there are plenty of effective ideas that employers can easily implement to help employees cope with stress.

For example, scheduling a few minutes each day for simple stress-reduction activities. Such as mediation or stretching, can provide enough of a break to enable employees to relax and refocus on the tasks at hand.

The accompanying presentation includes some simple ideas you can use to help your employees destress during the workday.

Your employees will benefit from a more relaxed and energizing work atmosphere. And you’ll benefit from enhanced engagement and improved productivity and retention rates.

10 Ways to Destress Your Employees (Infographic)

Infographic Credit- Jacobsononline.com

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