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Having a difficult boss in an organization can affect one both psychologically and behaviorally.

The psychological effects may be stress and lack of concentration prompting one not to have the urge to work.

To be able to work amicably, there are 5 ways to deal with a difficult boss. This will not only help in solving the problem but also allow one to be at ease in the place of work.

1. Understand the Behavioral Style

A boss may have hard times when motivating or encouraging the workers due to poor communication. Such kind of a boss doesn’t understand how his or her behavioral style comes across due to a lack of self-awareness.

To deal with such a boss, one needs to understand what disconnects him and the boss in terms of the natural approach.

The individual should not fight with the boss due to the differences but instead, modify his or her behavior to meet the boss halfway.

Taking this approach helps in enhancing understanding between an individual and the boss. This saves one from the psychological stress that may be accompanied by the lack of understanding between him or her with the boss.

2. Try to Be Supportive

A boss may be a jerk at some time and thus can be an awful person to work with. An individual may at some days wonder how he or she will make it work with the boss even for another day.

One doesn’t have to like his or her boss but as long as the boss is in the role, it is upon one to support such a boss.

Instead of spending time complaining about the boss, an individual should take the responsibility to support the boss’s efforts to the best of his or her ability.

Complaining about the boss with one’s friends or colleagues cannot be denied as this helps in relieving one from emotional burdens due to work.

Even as the individual does this, he or she should be ready to get back to work and tackle what is expected of him or her to be successful.

Supporting the boss helps in creating an understanding between the worker and the boss relieving one from emotional torture and allowing one to have comfort at the place of work.

This leads to psychological growth thus reducing job-related stress. Being supportive is the best thing a bad boss can be done to.

Inclusive and Supportive Workplace

3. Find out Different Ways to Make the Boss Look Good

It is hard for one to do anything successful at the place of work when the individual is being affected by the boss’s behavior. What one forgets is that there is great fulfillment in making the best out of a bad situation.

However, how much the boss may be bad or annoying, he or she has strengths. There are also some areas that the boss has weaknesses and he or she could benefit when he or she gets someone who can fill them.

Instead of complaining and pushing so much on what one doesn’t like about the boss, the individual should focus on areas that can be filled and remain so indispensable to the boss.

This can be done by helping in aligning the necessary resources, communicating with other workers, and even helping in the planning.

Staying positive when other team members also help in lowering the boss’s weakness and instead of making him or her look good. Through doing this, job satisfaction is enhanced leading to the desire to attain the organizational goals.

Instead of focusing on weaknesses alone, the strengths also need to be looked at as it helps in coming up with various ways to help such a boss look good. This enhances love for the boss and thus the need to continue working with him or her.

4. Don’t Fear Being Honest with Your Boss

It takes guts to confront a boss on what he or she does that you don’t like. We fear losing jobs or even worsening the situation. What an individual needs to understand is that allowing the boss to get away with such frustrating behaviors only hurts his or her job.

Being honest with the boss should not be seen as a negative move but as a way to let the boss listen to one’s concerns and probably work on them. One can request a private meeting with the boss and talk to him or her calmly and bring the issue forward.

Try to let him or her know that you are aware of the pressure that he or she is going through at the place of work when managing the workers. Try to explain how the reaction affects you as a worker and how you would love him or her to act towards it.

By doing this, it is easy for the boss to understand areas that he or she needs to work on and this will resolve the frustrations that a worker goes through.

5. Have Empathy with the Boss

A boss may be suffering at some point and it is undeniable that such a boss deserves empathy. Sometimes we don’t understand the pressure that has been placed on them from above making them act badly.

Pressure causes one to be anxious and thus the more anxious one is, the more the person has fewer coping abilities at his or her disposal.

One’s difficult boss may be suffering from a lack of love that was never shown to him or her when he or she was an employee and may, therefore, be acting this way as an act of revenge. It is, therefore, necessary that the boss’s source of the pain be understood.

By doing this, the boss can be helped by being talked to and shown empathy. When the boss is experiencing pressure, he or she may be acting differently than workers may not like.

It is necessary that the situation is understood and the boss gave emotional support. The support is essential as it enables the difficult boss to feel that his or her workers love him or her and that none wants the current harsh behavior that is being portrayed.

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