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Freelancing culture is spreading like wildfire globally, giving abundant opportunities to the aspiring candidates.

With so many options, there is a piece of pie for everyone, from marketing to copywriting, web programming to graphic designing, technical support, any kind of service needed is provided by Freelancers.

If you are already working as a freelancer and struggling to make the best out of your freelancing career then don’t fret this blog post is for you. This article shares 5 ways to be a better freelancer in 2018.

1. Do What You Are Passionate About

To make the most out of your freelancing career, you need to make sure whatever you do, you are passionate about it. People often get into different projects and end up being demotivated. If you have an interest in copywriting, then don’t choose to be an SEO specialist. Similarly, if you have skills and interest in coding, don’t end up being a marketer. 

Sometimes people keep taking everything that comes their way and end up having their plate full but with all the wrong projects.

So, next time you get a yes, just don’t promptly say yes rather carefully consider the opportunity and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I specialize in the work that client has given?
  • Will adding this project to my plate can make my freelancing portfolio better?

Answering these questions will help you determine whether you should take such projects or not. Idea is to stick to take only those projects in your hand that you are passionate about.

2. Focus on Quality Than Quantity

As a freelancer it is quite likely that you will be getting your major projects from online freelance sites like Elance.com, Freelancer.com, to name a few.

Freelancers often do the mistake of bidding on as many projects as possible. However, to be a better freelancer you need to understand the quantity of bid does not matter rather the quality of bid matters. One high-quality bid worths the dozens of low-quality bids.

For example- if you are a designer, instead of getting plenty of small graphic design projects, you should try to get one big lucrative project.

It is better to focus on getting a few quality bids wherein you can comprehensively analyze the client’s requirements and make them understand what your skill sets are.

Focusing on quality projects will help you make a good amount of money and will also make your portfolio better as you will be doing more quality projects rather than wasting time & energy on many small projects.

3. Always Get a down Payment

I have heard so many freelancers complaining about payment issues, their payment often gets delayed, or even worse they end up getting stiffed by the client. To avoid any such payment issues, you must ask for a down payment in advance.

Generally, the majority of freelancers ask for a 50% amount upfront before starting any project. You can make this thing clear to your clients in very first preliminary discussions or include it in your contract.

Clients are generally fine with this and if they have any issue regarding this then you should know it is time to raise a red flag. This way you will never complain about a late payment. Once you are done with the project, deliver your workable files only after receiving the final 50% payment.

This also saves you from the situation, when clients after taking your work files at times run and cancel the project. So, make it a point not to send any final work files before full payment is done.

4. Need to Know Your Numbers

Your freelancing efforts are no less than a business, so treat it like one. And like any other business, you need to focus on the numbers.

Business Revenue– To begin with you need to keep track of your business revenue. How much do you need to make per month to sustain?

Site Traffic– Analyze where is your site traffic coming from and which is your most popular content?.

CTA– Figure out which call-to-action buttons are working and giving maximum conversion rates. And also figure out which pages are dead and need improvement.

These numbers are important and will enable you to figure out where your main income is coming such as which clients are giving you maximum business and focus more on those areas that are producing the maximum results.

5. Make Clear Contract

Before jumping on any client project make sure you are on the same page about all the aspects of your project including even the minutest of details like which days of the week you will be working, what pieces of work they can expect to receive at certain key points, in case you tend to exceed the deadline, what can be the repercussions etc.

It is important to manage client expectations in a realistic way rather than making empty promises. So, make a detailed contract that you can use for every client stating all points clearly from payment to delivery of the project.

This can save you from any kind of disagreements throughout work production and if you are having a hard time making a contract then you can go to IPSE ( an association for freelancers) to get access to a good range of contract templates.

In case you land up in an uncomfortable encounter with any client then you can always refer to lawbite, the firm offers a free consultation to businesses and offers freelance-friendly legal advice to all freelancers.

Wrapping Up

Freelance economy is certainly growing at an unprecedented rate and has opened doors not only for side income rather for full-time career for people who do not want to be restricted to the concept of traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

Whether you are an aspiring freelancer or already working as a freelancer by including the above-mentioned tips in your work process, you will be able to experience a major growth.

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