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If you are yet to embark on your first serious career but are looking for some work you can do with relatively little training and experience, then waiting jobs have always been a popular choice.

Whether you’re a student looking for a job you can do part-time alongside studying, someone looking for their first job in a new country, or a school leaver seeking out a vacancy that doesn’t require a lot of prior experience, waiting jobs can be an excellent thing to focus your job search on.

Waiting jobs can be quite easy to find and (if you work hard) keep making money from, but they also help you build some professional skills that will help you out later in your career.

1. Get Experience in a Customer Facing Role

There are lots of jobs where you have to speak to customers, and one of the best experiences you can have for them is having worked in hospitality!

When you work as a waiter or waitress, you tend to have more detailed interactions with every customer than you do in other customer facing roles like retail, and you quickly get to develop and show off your people skills!

This is something employers look for in all kinds of roles you may want to go for later on, and even if the roles in question are about facing high value clients, your experience in keeping people happy as a waiter will help you!

2. Show a Willingness to Do a Demanding Job

Working as a waiter can mean long shifts spent on your feet, keeping track of lots of different guests, and working late nights and weekends.

This can be no problem at all for young people, and the hours can actually be a plus when you are a student but having this experience on your CV will show future employers that you are not afraid of hard work, or of doing what is needed in terms of putting in the hours.

Even a lot of professional jobs based in offices have an unspoken expectation that people will be willing to work beyond their contracted hours if required, and your waiting experience will show you have the stamina!

3. Good Presentation

Another thing that working in hospitality will show prospective employers is that you are able to look appropriate and well-presented when you have to be in front of customers. Waiters have to look clean, and often wear a uniform, and they are ambassadors for the brand of the restaurant they work for.

This will say more about your ability to routinely look your best when you are representing your brand to the public than what you turn up to an interview in!

Often, when finding jobs through large agencies, such as waiter jobs at staffheroes.co.uk, staff services are used for business event and parties.

If, like many people, you are looking for a job in business, this could be the perfect opportunity to prove your dedication to a job, whilst also building your all important business contacts.

4. Show Your Motivation!

A fourth thing that waiting experience demonstrates in most cases is that you are someone who responds well to motivation. This is because most waiters and waitresses earn tips on top of a basic wage, and these tend to be higher the better they perform in terms of keeping the people they serve happy and satisfied.

If you have been able to do well in a job that earns tips by learning how to best please your customers, then this can show that you may perform well in something like a sales role, where you have a similar incentive in the form of commission.

As you can see, there are lots of things that waiting can do to make you a more appealing hire later on in your working life!


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