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As a Business Owner or an Employer you are a member of the community, you have a responsibility to have a presence within your community. You rely on the members of your community to support your business, and it’s important to give back when you can. An easy way to show you care is by volunteering. 

Not only will volunteering make you “look better” as an employer, but it will benefit your company more ways than you can imagine. Here are some ways that getting involved in your community can help your company:

1. Reduce Employee Turnover 

As an employer, you know that without your employees you would cease to exist. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges that businesses, large and small, face is high turnover rates. 

While there are many reasons you may be losing some of your employees, many leave a company because they feel like the work they do is pointless or they don’t see how it plays a positive role in the community. Getting your employees involved in volunteering can help them see the good in your company.

2. Boost Employee Morale 

Another main reason that good employees leave is because despite loving certain aspects of the job, they become unhappy and unfulfilled. Volunteering can boost employee morale and make your employees feel happier in general. Feeling like they have a purpose and are contributing, may make many of your employees excited to come to work. 

If your employees are happier they are likely to be productive and care about the product or service they are making, selling, or offering. Volunteering with your employees will also give them a sense of camaraderie within your organization that benefits you both.

3. Networking and Making Connections 

As an employer and a business owner, making connections with other businesses can be beneficial. Even though other companies may be your biggest competitors, partnering or connecting with other businesses can help increase your visibility in the community.

A great way to network with other business owners, community leaders, or prospective clients, is to volunteer. You have shared interests and the ability to be more personable. When you do good things in and for the community, others remember.

4. Free Advertising

Volunteering and getting involved in the community is a great way to get exposure for your company. While free advertising is not (and should not) be the sole reason behind giving back to the community, it’s definitely a plus. Much like networking, you connect with others and put in a word or two about your company, but don’t push too hard.

5. Learn New Skills, Develop New Ideas

Whether you and your employees volunteer at the local food shelf or at the community center, you may learn new skills. Not only can it help you grow stronger as a team, but it may inspire you and your employees to develop new products or services.

Your volunteering experiences can be life changing and can make you rethink the way you run your company and improve your relationships with the community.

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Rosemary Pagliaro has been an offshore survey engineer, a computer engineer, a teacher, and more recently a freelance writer and stay-at-home mother of a toddler who never rests. While tackling daily motherhood, she enjoys hiking the desert mountains, watching an exciting movie, or catching up on a good book. Being a former military brat and military spouse she has had the fortune to travel and obtain a lot of information regarding various subjects. She is currently working on gathering more information and sharing what she has learned with those looking for knowledge or insight into topics such as military living, parenthood, and insurance...just to name a few.

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