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Wake up. Get dressed. Commute to the venue. Make your way through the crowd. Pray to get a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with a recruiter. I hope your resume does not get lost in the pile of resumes gathered from your shortlisted employers.

Rings a bell?

Yes, that’s the story of every job seeker when it comes to traditional physical career fairs. They are nerve-wracking, arduous, and painfully time-consuming events. For people who want to land the job of their dreams, physical career fairs can be a disaster. Wondering why?

Here’s the answer. Physical career fairs require a lot of time and energy. A job seeker has to first reach the venue which can be on the other corner of the city or in a completely different town. Once he/she gets there, the hassle of entering the venue and navigating through the booths begins. Not to forget the distractions along the way in the form of food stalls et Cetra.

Also, it becomes difficult to walk to every booth and make way through the crowd to talk to the recruiter. The paper resumes dropped at the booths also have a high chance of being misplaced. Hence, physical events appear to be a shot in the dark when it comes to their effectiveness for landing the right job. It’s a chance-based game with a high probability of failure.

Fear not! There is an alternative in the form of a Virtual Career Fair that can resolve all these issues and help you get your dream job.

How Virtual Career Fairs are Different?

Virtual Career Fairs, just like traditional physical ones, are aimed at connecting job seekers with employers. They serve the purpose of being a platform where job seekers can find the right organization and employers can find the right talent for their organizations.

However, virtual career fairs enhance the efficiency of career fairs by a thousand times. They have a far greater reach than physical events. All that is required of the attendees is to have a good internet connection to join the event. Virtual career fairs are scalable and ensure inclusively. They are very beneficial for people with special needs due to the convenience they offer.  

Furthermore, online career fairs are a great way for job seekers to connect with employers and stay on top of their mind. Instead of fighting their way through the crowd, they merely have to visit the booths ‘virtually’, interact with the employers, and share their resumes. They can also leverage the chat rooms to talk to employers and get to know more about their businesses. Additional information can also be requested to make sound decisions.

Virtual career fairs also eliminate the hassle of travelling to and from the venue, saving a lot of money and time for the job seekers. They also enable job seekers to submit their resumes online in an eco-friendly and safe manner. Job seekers also get to learn about different organizations from the documents uploaded by employers on the platform. Job seekers can save important information and get back to it at a later time as well.

Additionally, virtual career fairs allow the organizers to view results after the event. Based on the stats, organizers can improve future events to make them more useful for the attendees-a win-win situation for all parties involved.

All in all, the convenience offered by virtual career fairs is unmatched.

How to Land Your Dream Job?

Having shed some light on the benefits of a virtual career fair compared to a traditional one, it’s time to uncover the secret to landing a great job through them.

This process can be divided into three stages: before the event, at the event, and after the event.

Let’s see what you need to do in these three stages to make the most of a virtual career fair.

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Before the Event

Just like you get ready for a physical event, you must get ready for a virtual event as well. You don’t have to worry about getting dressed up, commuting, and finding your way to the booths of your choice. Just do the following and you will be good to go.

A) Get Registered

Save a slot for yourself and get registered. Virtual career fairs can indeed host a lot many attendees as compared to physical events. However, why take the risk and miss out on something that can help you build your future? This will save you time, enable you to stay calm and avoid last-minute hiccups on the day of the event.

B) Familiarize Yourself With the Platform

Use this opportunity to explore the platform before the event. Find out how you can navigate through the event and what resources can you access. Also, get to know about the event agenda and the companies expected to exhibit. You will be able to make the most of your time on the event day this way.

C) Learn About Employers

Employers develop their profiles on the platform before the fair. They upload documents related to the organization (like an organization’s culture, values, mission, and vision) and the job openings.

As a job seeker, you can go through the available material and learn about employers. Based on your research, shortlist employers that appeal the most to you to reach out to them on the event day.

D) Work on Your Resume

It is very important to prepare your resume for the event. Prepare multiple versions of your resume to tailor it to each specific job you wish to apply for. On the day of the event, you will be able to quickly share a relevant one with the recruiters.

Virtual Career Fairs

E) Prepare Your Pitch

Want the recruiters to remember you and reach out after the event? Focus on your pitch then. Think about how you would introduce yourself to the recruiters and what will set you apart from the other candidates.

F) Check Device Compatibility

Make sure your device is technologically compatible with the virtual event platform/software. Most of the events have cross-device compatibility so check them out on different devices (laptop and mobile phone) to be prepared for any unanticipated issue. Make sure the device’s camera and microphone are functional in case you want to have an audio/video chat with recruiters.

At the Event

Now that you know what to do before the event, here’s what you must do during the event to land your dream job.

A) Choose a Peaceful Place

Make sure the place you select is free from distractions. Virtual career fairs come loaded with presentations and webinars. If you want to get a full grasp of what is being stated in them, sit in a quiet place. Online career fairs also allow audio/video chats with employers. You can make the most of the event when you are not distracted.

B) Reach Out to Employers

There will be several booths set up virtually by employers. The best way to deal with them will be visiting your shortlisted booths first, gather all the information you need, and then visit the remaining booths. Prioritize.

You can also go to chat rooms of employers and pitch your questions. Usually, virtual career fairs have individual chat option for direct conversation and group chat option where you can read the conversation between the recruiter and other attendees as well.

It is also advised to ask the recruiters about the next steps in the hiring process.

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C) Attend Presentations and Webinars

Do not miss out on presentations given by your preferred recruiters. They will help you in finding out more about their culture, values, and vision. Also, attend webinars and ask questions for further clarity.

D) Download Documents

During the event, you will come across a lot of useful documents relevant to employers and job openings. Make sure you download them to access them at a later time. If you get an interview call after the event from one of the exhibiting organizations, you can use the material shared with them during the event for interview preparation.

E) Share Resume

This is the most important part of the event. If you find a job that meets your requirements, share your resume with the recruiter. If resume sharing is not allowed during the event, collect email addresses of the recruiters to reach out to them after the event.

After the Event

You must be wondering what can you possibly do after the event other than hoping to hear from the employers. Well, you can do the following to speed up the process.

A) Send Thank You Notes

We all know staying on top of mind is important in today’s age. When it comes to virtual career fairs, this becomes extremely important. Recruiters come across hundreds of candidates during the event and find it hard to recall who was the best one. Make it easier for them by sending thank you notes.

To make your notes more effective, give a brief outline of the discussion you had with the recruiter during the event to help them connect the dots. It will also make your thank you notes more personalized.


Virtual career fairs are making it easier for job seekers to find their dream job. Without being a burden on the pocket, they are connecting job seekers with employers in an interactive environment. If you follow the tips shared in this article, you have a high chance of getting your dream job.

So what are you waiting for? Attend a virtual career fair now!


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Warda Zahid is a digital marketer specializing in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. She is a proponent of virtual events and writes about them often. To read more from her, visit vFairs.

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