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As a standard practice, recruiting traditionally focuses on the active candidates who are at present engaged in a job search. This approach has been effective so far.

However in today’s hypercompetitive environment, the recruiting scenario has undergone a sea change, businesses require a more focused approach in engaging targeted passive candidates who are not actively looking for jobs at the present time.

1. Effective Ways to Engage Passive Candidates

The fact remains passive candidates happen to be more difficult to source, for the very simple reason, they are not actively applying for jobs. It must be noted that passive candidates are already engaged in their present employment.

As such they do not have any pressing need or a compelling reason or any such urgency to undertake the rigors of a traditional job search process.

2. The Reversal of Roles

Rather it is the reversal of roles and it is the employers who are actively seeking top candidates who as of now happen to be actively employed in their respective field of work.

Here the employers have to actively search and then get in touch with the candidates and thereafter initiate the all-important conversation, preferably by employing state of the art technology.

Always remember the passive candidate is not going to complete any cumbersome employment application, to this end one must effectively brainstorm and arrive at such recruiting tactics that ensure optimal engagement of a candidate group, which is not proactively looking for work with your organization.

3. All the Desired Traits

On the contrary, they have the requisite skills, commendable work ethic as well as up to the minute working experience, all the desired traits that you really want and need in your workforce.

Passive candidates who are not actively looking for openings are easily going to be put off by the complex application process, ensure that you make it easy to apply by putting an application with your LinkedIn button, making the entire process a whole lot smoother for the applicants otherwise they would abandon the process in an instant.

4. A Step Closer

This in itself ensures a lot of unnecessary steps are eliminated from the process freeing up the passive candidate’s time and energy enabling them, to conduct more research on your organization and subsequently call you or mail you a video resume, thus bringing them a step closer to becoming your trusted employee.

Since passive candidates are not actively engaging with prospective companies or researching them as part of their job search, every small interaction is significant, egging them on the social media where high performers hang out is indeed a huge advantage.

5. Follow the Professional Exhaust

They easily lend themselves to be evaluated on professional traits like commendable communication skills, expertise, professionalism, technical skills, and knowledge. All you need to do is follow the professional exhaust, wherever the star performers happen to be, just trail them with single-minded focus and keep a finger on the pulse of their online presence.

As they are hard-pressed for time video conferencing is a great method for conducting interviews, it saves the passive candidates the hassles of the commute, the energy, the duration away from work, and of course the monetary expenses.

Video Recruiting Apps

It lends them a golden opportunity to showcase their skills and experience without leaving the current location. The best part is it enables them to imagine the many possibilities of finding a potentially better job than the current one, leaving them with a plausible– let’s see the option, the proverbial foot in the door and this in itself is indeed a promising development for your organization, without you needing to even leave your seat.

Video recruiting apps are the best solution available in the marketplace where the applicant gets to record video interviews.

By now you are seriously considering online interviews for your next hiring, well you might as well consider video interviewing. It is entirely possible that a whole lot of dissenting thoughts might pop up all of a sudden with regards to the efficacy and appropriateness of this move.

To quell the doubts and dispel any misgivings you might have in this regard, we need to examine the truth behind these assumptions and notions of harnessing the ubiquitous technology.

Video Interviews

To put any confusion to rest and use the video interviews for effective hiring, we need to discern between video interviews and video conferencing. Whether or not the process turns out to be frosty for the job applicants.

To put things in proper perspective and set the record straight, let us clear the air, well the video recruitment software and video conferencing software are as different as chalk and cheese.

The process does not happen to be cold or impersonal at all, on the contrary, it is warm and highly interactive, saving you a great deal of time and money and the tiresome commute that irks the hell out you.

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Niren Kumar Mishra is a career strategist, and Content Manager of the popular Job Portal Universe Jobs. He has over 8 Years of Experience in Career Blogging and is a Renowned Career Expert.

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