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Becoming a runner has changed my life. It has become a way to deal with stress, forget my everyday worries, and to help tone and energize my body. I must say that running has taught me several important life lessons, and here are 5 of them I would like to share with you:

1. Patience is a Virtue

Setting goals for yourself is crucial if you want to succeed in becoming a runner, changing your lifestyle or your career. You should set ultimate long-term goals, but to achieve them, set short-term and more reachable ones too. If your ultimate goal is to run a marathon, begin by setting smaller and reachable goals such as running several miles a day and safely increasing the mileage in time.

Do not hurry to sign up for that marathon before you have completed your smaller goals, because you can risk overtraining and injuring yourself if you push yourself too hard. This may take some time, so patience is something you need to work on. In time, I found that by gradually increasing my mileage and pace, I felt ready to sign up for my first half-marathon. It took me more than 2 years to build up the power and confidence to run my first marathon, but the wait was absolutely worth it.

So, the same goes for the ultimate goals you make for your new business or for your life achievements too. Be patient, and work towards achieving them by setting and completing smaller goals. Step by step you will feel more confident and able to move towards your ultimate goals.

2. Becoming a Runner Can Take Time, Patience and Some Extra Motivation

Several years ago, I was what can be best described as a couch potato. I didn’t have the energy to even walk to the store. So, when I decided to change my lifestyle, and add some exercise to it, I realized that I couldn’t just jump into my running shoes and go marathon racing. I knew that I needed to learn to walk before starting to run.

So, my training began with walking. I did several laps around my block every day. In time, I felt that my body was ready and was actually craving for more laps, and a faster pace. So, I began increasing my mileage, and the steps I took every day. This, as I found out is the sort of approach one must take when starting a new business or when changing jobs.

Take some time, and patiently study your abilities, your new activities and learn to do what is necessary to get the job done one step at a time. In time, you will gain confidence and the ability to perform better and more efficiently.

Need the motivation to stick to your running plan? Reward yourself every now and then – get a new pair of shoes such as these from Runa Bees, get new workout clothes, eat the chocolate you are craving.

So, this is one valuable life lesson, I think people should keep in mind when making changes in their lives or careers.

3. Pace Yourself and Do Not Push Yourself Over the Limits to Achieve Your Goals

As I already mentioned, overtraining can lead to injuries and can be harmful to your body. You need to pace yourself so that your body and mind get adjusted properly to the new mileage, paces, and other training goals you have set for yourself.

The same goes for career goals – make a plan in accordance with your time and abilities and work slowly and patiently to achieve the goals. Pushing yourself too hard at work can lead to immense stress and burnout, which can be dangerous for you and will hinder your road to success.

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4. Being Over Competitive Can Harm Your Performance

If you are a competitive person like me, you may need to work on re-adjusting this, because it is perfectly alright for others to run faster than you. I used to be fixated on catching up with the other runners, but in time, I realized that it is great to want to improve, but racing is not always the healthiest option, especially for a newbie like me.

Once again, setting your own personal goals and pacing yourself in a realistic and healthy manner is crucial for your overall success. The same can be said when.

5. You Can Enjoy Winning, but Learning to Lose is Important Too

Being a sore loser will only harm you whether you are running, or whether you are competing for greater success at work. So, even though everybody likes to win, and in time, believe me – you will experience the joy of winning, in the meantime while you are getting ready for the ultimate victory, be ready to lose some races on the track or in life as well. This is definitely a healthier approach.

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