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Climbing the career ladder doesn’t require mindless hard work and Herculean stamina: it benefits, rather, from working smart and taking care of yourself. Whatever your industry and career path, your fundamental tool is yourself: respect it and keep it tuned, and you will achieve far more with this complex instrument than if you were to batter away with it day in, day out.

One of the best ‘maintenance’ techniques you can apply is to ensure you take proper breaks as you work. Breaks are a great opportunity to refuel your body, to sharpen your mind, and to rest your soul. The first step is to figure out what kind of break regularity fits you best: do you respond well to taking five every half an hour, or do you prefer to get in a flow for 90 minutes and then take 20 minutes downtime?

Whichever you go for, find an app such as Be Prepared to regulate your breaks with a timer, to ensure you don’t run over either your work or break time.

Now you know when to rest, what is the optimum way to do so? It depends on what you want from your break, but it’s good to swap it up with each rest period. In the morning, you might concentrate on stimulating your mind by reading, doing puzzles, or watching a TED talk online.

In the afternoon, you might prefer to jog your body back to life by stretching at your desk or going for a walk. And it’s never a bad time to make a healthy, energy-infused snack, such as mixed fruits or nuts.

For the full lowdown on how to smarten up your working day with productive breaks, work through this new infographic from QuidCorner. Look after yourself at work to be more productive, and the results will manifest in the blossoming of your career.

How to Use Breaks to Be More Productive (Infographic)

Infographic Credit – quickquid.co.uk



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