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The motivation of staff continues to be one of the most complex management functions. This is because managing people within the process of achieving the set business goals while maintaining satisfaction, a good working relationship, and contented employees is, as you know, a difficult matter.

You can do this in various ways, but you need to remember that not every worker can be motivated to work better, faster. Some people continue to remain dormant, which is due to the personal qualities of the individual.

So, what is the best way to motivate employees?

To date, there are a huge number of books, articles, and methods for motivating staff. Of course, you can independently go deeper into this topic.

But this is the visual guide about the motivation of employees by FindTheDecision helps illustrate some of the most important factors that you need to understand about your team.

Fortunately, there are several basic principles for properly motivating your employees, which will save you from many mistakes and the resulting low productivity.

An important point I noted for myself: every person has a specific motivation. It should be noted when hiring people. Why? Often, if this motivation is realized, depends on a large extent on the corporate governance system.


Let’s look at one example: a person wants to improve and find solutions in desperate situations, and you send him to work in a system where most of the tasks and steps to overcome the issue is strictly controlled.

If you take such person – best of all, he will work for you within a month and no monetary motivation will save the situation.

Bottom line?

The head of all ranks believe that staff is just thinking of how to get more money so they are trying to create a payment system that will force them to work harder for more money.

Therefore, pay systems are so popular that they are only tied to the result. For example, managers – on the percentage of sales (turnover, profits). In real life, it does not work.

In my opinion, the core technology of work, and the organization of the right business process of companies help achieve the desired results. The head of the company should think about it.

Only then can we talk about the development of a motivation system and its integration with the life of the company. Otherwise, the effect of motivation will not work.

Summing up.

Certainly, motivation is not an antidote to all the problems that arise in your company and your employees.

It is also important for the head to be worthy and capable of effectively performing his duties, especially as a manager. Therefore, start first with yourself and understand your employees.


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Vlad Khvatov is the founder of FindTheDecision. He was a project manager in several startups where he has gained a lot of experience, but over time he wants to do something different. Expressing his ideas found in FTD, where he tries to help people search for solutions.

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