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In an ever increasing competitive landscape it is becoming more and more difficult to get noticed. If you are going in circles and are not getting any closer to landing the job of your dreams then it might be time to take a different approach.

Check out these five unconventional approaches to landing a job you’ve been dreaming of!

1. Get social

Over one fifth of companies are using social media as a part of the recruitment process and over 60% are using social platforms as a way of researching job applicants. It is therefore becoming more and more important that you are active on platforms and are using social media as a way of interacting with potential employers.

Social media also allows you to understand a company, see what they get up to in the office and the latest new stories that they are reporting on. You can use this to your advantage in your job application or interview with the organisation. Just be aware that companies may also be following  you on social media so be careful about what you are posting. 

2. Do something different

Take up a new hobby or learn a new skill, this will give you something different to do during your spare time and will also give you something to discuss with the employer in your interview.

Whether it is learning to code or learning to play an instrument, gaining a new skill will show employers that you are willing to try something new and are not afraid to educate yourself – skills that will help you in any job role.

3. Create your own job

Have a passion? Then turn this into your full time job.

It might sound ambitious but if you are a budding entrepreneur that has an innovative idea then why not turn this into your full time job.  There are plenty of resources to turn to if this sounds like an option for you, such as crowdfunding platforms to raise money and online forums that give you all the advice you need.

4. Get creative

Nowadays companies are often looking for more than just a basic paper CV. Over the years video CVs have become increasingly popular with jobseekers looking to stand out from the crowd. This form of CV is great for when applying to customer service facing roles and makes a real impact to employers as you are able to let your personality shine, something that is near impossible with a standard paper CV.

When applying for a job role your CV should reflect the job you are applying for. For example if you are applying for a graphic design role then this is your opportunity to show off your skills and get creative with your application. Having a blog online is a great way to display your portfolio of work and will capture the employer’s attention.

5. Crack the hidden job market

In reality, a lot of jobs are known about through word of mouth and if you know the right people you could be the first to hear about a job opening.  So get networking and attend industry events and you could meet the people who could introduce you to your next role. Also make sure you follow companies on social media as they often advertise job openings on there before they post them on job boards.

You should just not rely on your studies and experience in order to land your dream job, you need to think outside the box and be creative in your job search attempts. Try something new today and you could be on your way to landing your dream job.

Good luck with your search!

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Sophie-Anne Bradley writes for job portal Student Job. Discover the part-time jobs and Internships that Student Job has to offer!

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