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It may not even be on the radar for most people, but the eSports Industry (also known as electronic sports, or e-gaming) has been growing at a phenomenal rate, and the good news is that this has opened up a whole new job sector that wasn’t available even just a decade ago.

While the professional player is the obvious job that springs to mind in the e-sports industry (in some countries professional gamers actually hold celebrity status) there are actually many other career options within the industry, whatever your previous education or work experience, the options are now so wide within the eSports job sector that most people could find a good job-fit.

If you think about the support system that surrounds a top eSports team then you will start to understand the breadth of roles that are available. Firstly the pro-gamers need a top-notch computer to play on, which needs regular maintenance and upgrades. The team will need constant management and motivation in order to play at their best so will need an experienced manager.

Top teams receive sponsorship deals that will need negotiating, and a PR and social media team to keep fans and press in the loop.

To discover more of the jobs that you could do within the eSports industry, what experience you might need an average salary, check out the following infographic put together by Computer Planet:    

eSports Careers Infographic

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