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If you’ve ever spent time wishing you had more freedom on the job, being able to travel about as you please, you might have considered driving a truck. After all, truck drivers get to cruise the open road, don’t have a boss breathing down their neck, and aren’t confined to a stuffy office.

What’s more, the industry is growing, despite all the doom and gloom about its future and the threat of robots taking away jobs. In fact, there are more reasons than ever to become a truck driver. Take a look at these.

1. Perfect for Adventurers

Some truck driving jobs involve driving goods across cities and counties, but the vast majority of jobs are actually interstate. This means that most truckies spend a lot of time by themselves, in their cabins, out on the open road.

For people who crave the company of others, those hours can be long and tough to get through. But for those who love solace and that feeling of adventure, driving a truck can actually be a thrill.

The majority of truck drivers don’t mind being away from their homes and families for days or weeks at a time. They see it as an opportunity to explore the open road and a chance to earn some good money.

Truck drivers don’t have to plan their own routes most of the time. Usually, that’s done by the firm they work for or a contractor. However, more and more truck drivers are using GPS systems to plan their trips in real-time while out on the road, making adjustments where necessary.

2. Becoming a Truck Driver is Relatively Straightforward

The cool thing about becoming a truck driver is that it doesn’t require going to college, spending four years trying to get a degree, and winding up $100,000 in debt. All drivers need to do is get a Class A or Class B CDL at a fraction of the cost, and they’re ready for life on the road.

It should be pointed out that truck driving isn’t just a career for men anymore. There are now plenty of placements and opportunities for women in the industry too, a segment of the workforce that is growing fast.

3. Career Options Are Good

Because most people aren’t suited to the truck driving lifestyle, wages in the sector are high. Entry-level salaries start at an impressive $40,000 per year if you find the right company. And as you get more experienced, you can increase your pay even more.

Top truck drivers get paid on the order of $85,000 a year, or about as much as the average college grad. On top of the basic pay package, most big commercial haulers offer additional benefits to their drivers. These include life insurance, health insurance, medical and dental insurance, as well as a bunch of retirement perks.

The bottom line is that truck driving is not for the faint of heart and ideally suited to particular personality types. If you’re an adventurous type who doesn’t mind challenging road conditions, then truck driving is for you.

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