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Why waste time working a job that doesn’t stir your passion?

Let’s face it – most professionals work eight hours a day. That adds up to 1,842 hours per year. Now, wait for this – over their lifetime, workers will spend a smashing 90,000 hours at work!

Now, you see what’s at stake here.

Surprisingly, many professionals continue working jobs they hate because they’re afraid of getting themselves out there and competing with countless other people for their dream jobs.

They have a point. On average, every resume you send is up against an average of 250+ others. Moreover, recruiters take as little as 6 seconds on average to scan a resume and decide whether it’s worth their time.

Facing these challenges, it’s no wonder many workers simply give up on getting closer to their dream position.

What they aren’t aware of is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn how to make a resume that boosts their chances of landing a great job.

To give you a taste of what we’re talking about, here’s a selection of 5-minute resume tricks that are bound to take your resume from average to extraordinary:

  • Structure your resume to help recruiters scan it easily.
  • Choose the right font to boost readability.
  • Order information according to importance.
  • Grab recruiters’ attention with a swift introduction.
  • Make strategic use of keywords.
  • Add numbers and details to prove your expertise.

Have someone proofread your resume to eliminate any mistakes or typos for a serious resume boost. Use tools like Grammarly or Language Tool to put the finishing touches on your document.

Now, you’re ready to apply for your dream job. Make sure that your resume and online profiles tell the same story – of a professional who is perfectly aware of their strengths and enthusiastically competes in the race for their dream job.


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