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Choosing a degree or career can be difficult.

Some days it may seem that you are doomed to answer “I don’t know” every time a family member asks “what do you want to be when you grow up?” for the rest of your life. On other days you may feel that your career path is paved in stone, confident that the days ahead are fruitful and concrete.

No matter where you lie with that question, it’s important to know you have many available options.

With the natural ebb and flow of global wealth, a career in financing or accounting is sure to be in high demand — as well as rewarding — for years to come.

An accounting degree offers plenty of career opportunities for advancement and responsibilities.

Here are the top 10 trending careers you can get with an accounting degree in descending order of salary to give you some inspiration for your answer:

1. Tax Clerk Manager

A tax clerk has several different duties to complete. These can be:

  • Collecting unsecured personal property
  • Collecting taxes
  • Filing appropriate tax records
  • Explaining tax penalties and statements

Other job duties include notifying companies and individuals of their delinquent taxes, as well as releasing bonds when taxes have been paid.

A tax clerk is also responsible for filing bankruptcy cases while maintaining confidential information.

Average Pay: $94,448

2. Investment Banking Analyst

Investment bankers hold many different job duties and responsibilities. The main goal of this position is to increase a client’s overall money. Bankers do this by either selling equity businesses or individuals have or by issuing their clients a debt.

This career requires a person to know how to analyze and interpret financial data and economic trends effectively and appropriately.

An investment banker offers investment advice to clients based on these trends, which the client can either decline or accept.

Average pay: $76,981

3. Payroll Manager

Payroll managers are in charge of organizing the many accounting issues that arise in a company. Their typical job duties include:

  • Complying with government regulations
  • Garnishing income
  • Payroll advancements.
  • Preparing government reporting

Some payroll managers serve as a company’s HR department and are also in charge of hiring, training, and supervising of staff.

Average Pay: $64,006

4. Commercial Real Estate Agent

Individuals who have a degree in finance and strong verbal skills work really well in the field of commercial real estate. This position requires a sales-oriented mindset, with a realistic view of finances.

A broker must be able to appropriately estimate the value of a property or building, and base that number on its financial potential.

Commercial real estate agents help clients understand their options for financing properties and launching new companies.

Average Pay: $63,733

5. Investor Relations Associate

Individuals who have strong writing, communication, and organizational skills will thrive in an investor relations position. The role of this job is to prepare and present financial information about their corporation to clients, investor’s, business media, and analysts.

Investor relations associates must be able to review, analyze, and highlight information from a company’s financial records.

Average pay: $62,933

6. Financial Planner

A financial planner is required to analyze numbers and apply standard accounting principles to create and follow the plans of investors. Because this position works so closely with a person’s cash flow, a person must be trustworthy, but persuasive in nature to do this job.

Financial planners are asked to determine trends in the markets and then apply their predictions to their clients accounts.

Financial planners assess the financial need of an individual or company and help them determine which stocks, bonds, or overall investments to put money towards.

They then take their clients’ money and invest based on their decision. They help individuals plan for financial goals, like retirement or education.

Average Pay: $61,679

Careers in Accounting

7. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts support the growth of a company by identifying important financial data and analyzing it to help companies make the best financially informed decisions.

Financial analysts provide guidance on investment opportunities, allowing a company to understand where their money is going and coming from.

A financial analyst looks at the macro- and microeconomic conditions while focusing on current and past economic trends to recommended a course of action.

Often an analyst will make suggestions for business owners and average workers to buy or sell stock based on their analysis of the market.

Average Pay: $58,856

8. Budget Analyst

A budget analyst applies the principles of finance to specific projects and proposals within an organization. They can work in a variety of different areas like government groups, universities, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

A budget analyst looks at finances and evaluates the financial impacts or risks of investing in new capital.  

A budget analyst prepares quarterly or annual reports that evaluate and re-evaluate budgets. They analyze costs and benefits of various business ventures and recommend budgets that align with them.

Typically a budget analyst oversees the money expenditure required and works with a business or organization to stay within that budget.

Average Pay: $58,445

9. Internal Auditor

An internal auditor manages audits and creates audit reports for companies. They are responsible for:

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Coordinating
  • Reviewing
  • Performing audits 

The information that an internal auditor provides allows companies to develop a plan for reaching and exceeding audit goals.

Internal auditors are required to provide an unbiased view of finances and current tax standings to an organization, helping them maintain strict transparency.

Average Pay: $56,232

10. Accountant

A career as an accountant is as a great as it is popular. An accountant’s job is probably the most commonly sought-after career field to enter into when a person gets a finance or accounting degree.

At the core of their job, accountants analyze problems with meticulous attention to detail.

An accountant is responsible for presenting financial information to clients and coworkers alike using self constructed graphs, charts, and visual aids. An accountant can help a business figure out what is important.

They work with companies and individuals to set financial goals and give them the appropriate tools to measure the progress.

Average Pay: $49,993

Choosing a career can be difficult. Whether you are following the money or following your passion, it’s important to know that you have options.


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