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If you’re focusing on working your way to the top, it’s important that you know what to do when you get there. Not all managers are created equal, and becoming a good one requires time, patience, and a willingness to learn.

While your management style may be very different from that of other managers in your firm, there are four traits that all truly remarkable managers share. You’ll need to learn and live them if you want to be one of the best.

1. They Praise

Even if it’s not within your power to give raises, you can motivate those under you with praise and respect. All good managers do. Most people work hard and want to do a good job, but they also want to be recognized for it.

Time and again, businesses watch people reach amazing heights when lifted and appreciated while watching gifted workers wither as their achievements go unrecognized.

No matter how many times this drama plays out, however, there are still mangers who refuse to see that achievement and appreciation go hand-in-hand. Don’t be one of them.

2. They Delegate Well

Delegating tasks is about more than simply getting them off your plate by shoving them onto someone else’s. Great managers delegate well, assigning tasks to the employees who are most qualified to perform them.

Good managers also make an effort to match employees with jobs they enjoy. This lowers stress levels and makes work more pleasant for everyone.

Tasks that no one likes should be divided fairly and equitably so that no one individual feels as though they are being punished or dumped on unfairly. Good delegating skills go a long way toward creating a cohesive team environment.

3. They Communicate Clearly

Communication skills are something that you will learn to work on while earning an online MBA degree. Like all skills, however, it takes practice. Clearly outline your expectations for a project at the outset and keep your instructions short and clear.

Your team will never accomplish goals they don’t understand. Drop the flowery speech and corporate buzzwords in favor of practical, actionable guidance.

4. They Value Effective Over Efficient

Efficiency is important, but successful managers know effectiveness is king. In the past, companies have spent millions of dollars studying their workers closely and developing best practices of how they should move and work to be as efficient as possible.

Unfortunately, this practice led to micromanagement and unhappy employees who weren’t very effective.

Maybe a salesperson writing handwritten thank you notes to prospects isn’t as efficient as sending a form letter, but it’s likely much more effective. Good managers emphasize effectiveness over efficiency and allow their employees to work in the way that best suits them while prioritizing results.

Successful managers are leaders, cheerleaders, and coaches rather than rabid dictators. As is true in so many parts of life, the key to being a good manager is simply to treat others the way you would want to be treated. It’s simple advice, but a concept that is oft-forgotten and overlooked

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