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In the modern world, success can be measured in a number of different ways, yet several common denominators distinguish people who have achieved personal and business success from those who dream of making it big, yet always fall short.

To be a visionary in the modern world is a respectable trait, but to work tirelessly towards achieving every small goal in pursuit of the ultimate prize is the mark of a winner.

Success, no matter how elusive a notion, is what each and every human strives to achieve during their lifetime.

In order to separate yourself from the herd and find your true north, in order to build success and pave the road to self-fulfillment, you need to introduce these five timeless traits that separate the successful from those who merely dream.

1) They dream bigger

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Success begins with a dream, a single idea of the future you want to create for yourself in this world, yet if you set the bar too low, you’re setting yourself up for failure from the very beginning.

The characteristic that allows successful people to exceed their own and everyone else’s expectations is their ability to set the proverbial bar too high.

Setting the bar high from the very beginning, whether in terms of market reach, fundraising, product development, management or revenue, will allow you to be successful even at times when you have failed to reach your goals.

To put things into perspective, if you were to shoot for $1,000,000 monthly revenue instead of $100,000, you will have achieved greater success by reaching just 30% of your targeted income than if you were to reach your smaller goal in its entirety.

Sometimes, planning to fail can lead you down the path of greater returns, even if the logic might seem counter-intuitive at first.

The rewards far outweigh the risks, and successful people know how to leverage risk to their advantage – they are able to calculate their way to success by dreaming big.

Remember, aiming low might prevent you from overshooting your target, but it will also prevent you from hitting the bulls-eye. Don’t just dream big, dream bigger.

2) They thrive in the face of adversity


If there is anything life is good at, it’s knocking you down with a one-two punch and making sure you’re out for the count. The road to success is paved with trial and error, with failure and setbacks, and sometimes, the pain you have to endure to reach your goals can prove to be overwhelming.

Will you throw in the towel? Or will you get back on your feet before the count is up, and start swinging back until you reach the top? Remember, life is finite, so the best thing you can do is live it your way until the clock strikes midnight.

Successful people understand that life is a fleeting concept, and in their realization, they are able to keep on fighting to ensure a bright, prosperous future.

Don’t worry, with time, the challenges you face might not become any easier, but you will become stronger. Learn to rise and thrive in the face of adversity, and you will discover the road to lifelong success.

3) Their bodies are healthy


Within a healthy body resides a healthy mind, but within a strong and able body resides the potential for greatness.

While physical health might not be a determining factor when it comes to business success, ensuring your body is healthy and strong can support mental clarity, positivity, and enthusiasm, as well as build drive and determination, and safeguard your long-term well-being.

Entrepreneurs and successful people in general benefit greatly from maintaining a structured training routine throughout the week, often sticking to rejuvenating training sessions in the morning that kick starts their brain and prime their mind and body to conquer the day ahead.

Breaking your vices and replacing them with a healthy meal plan along with regular training sessions is one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make that will positively influence your future.

Before you head out to the track or the gym, be sure to take the time to fill out your pantry and your fridge with healthy food options, and get some dry-fit weightlifting clothes that will allow you to transition seamlessly from the gym to the office, ready to crush your goals.

4) They don’t compare themselves to others

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The rise of mass media during the 20th century and its absolute autocracy in the 21st century might have made information sharing and global networking possible, but it has also created a modern social system ruled by pride, jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, and an insatiable thirst to surpass your competition.

But believe it or not, successful people do not have the time to dwell on the achievements of others – they are too busy paving the road for their own form of greatness.

The success of your peers should serve as nothing more than an incentive for you to become better at what you do, but it should never discourage you from working hard towards reaching your goals.

By focusing on yourself, your business, your family, and your own future success, you will gain the mental clarity you need to map out the road ahead that will make your dreams a reality.

Cancel out the noise and don’t dwell on extraneous details, but rather think about new ways you can achieve more than your yesterday self.

This leads us to the final point.

5) They are lifelong learners

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Focusing on your future is important, but that doesn’t mean you cannot draw knowledge and experience from various sources around you, even if some of them challenge your deepest beliefs.

It’s not easy parting with your ego and locking up your vanity somewhere where it cannot hinder your progress, yet if you want to be successful, you need to learn how to transform your beliefs, change your mindset, and learn how to become a student of life.

Successful people are flexible, sharp; they take advantage of every opportunity – and in the eyes of the successful, opportunity is everywhere. They regard the success of their peers not as a threat to their own existence, but as a chance to enrich their pool of knowledge to become even better at their trade.

Only by changing with the times, embracing innovative methodologies and processes while implementing modern technologies and management styles will you be able to stay relevant in the ever-changing business environment of the 21st century.

By becoming a lifelong learner, you will forever be able to plan, calculate, and build success.

In the modern socio-economic climate, the notion of success has taken many forms, with the road towards achieving it masked with uncertainty.

Fortunately, by researching and putting these five essential traits into action, you will be able to make your business dreams a reality, ensuring a lifetime of success and happiness.

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