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After the industrial revolution in past years that had evolved, made the industries to develop drastically are now pursued in the form of digitalization.

As rapid growth in technology has been seen in this century, it has given birth to the digital structure to the world. Nowadays each and every form of business is now acquiring all the latest technology updates as possible.

Digital marketing is now acting as a catalyst to fasten the business and create a brand image with a big picture in the mind of the potential customers.

Digital Marketing is now considered as a mainstream career opportunity for the job seekers because of its diversified variants.

Because of much revolutionized digital platforms, each and every member of the society has now taken part in this major prospect.

They are all surrounded by smartwatches, T.V, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and many more as a digital medium. Thus, it gives rise to digital applications and makes the organization’s revenue to increase manifold.

For generating Career opportunities in the Digital Marketing industry various institutions and colleges are providing educational service on this particular section.

These institutions give thorough knowledge regarding the subject matter. Different aspects are taken into consideration when it is about digital marketing because this field is highly diversified and each section has a number of variants. Getting indulge in it requires patience, hard work, and knowledge for the candidates.

Let’s now discuss upon top websites which are helpful for career growth in digital marketing:

1. Digital Academy in India

This institute is considered as Asia’s #1 digital marketing training provider. In the past two years, they have imparted knowledge and skill to 5000 people all across the country. It takes digital marketing at a holistic view focusing more on the data-driven concepts and quantitative techniques.

Based in Delhi, Digital Academy India helps many candidates from the region to explore them in the digital marketing field. 

2. SP Jain School of Global Management

Spread in 4 countries- India (Mumbai), Australia (Sydney), South East Asia (Singapore), Middle East( Dubai) all around the world, this institute counters maximum candidates likely to get indulge in making a career in digital marketing.

S.P.Jain Om provides all professional courses that can be undertaken to excel in this digitized world. It is known for its world education structure and faculties that empower candidates and make them eligible to beat the competition. 

3. Indian School of Digital Shiksha

This online institute basically provides 325 hours of training digital marketing course which helps in enhancing digital marketing profile for the candidates in the form of certificate course, trial classes, and online tutorial.

Indian School of Digital Shiksha is regarded as the most affordable course provided in the NCR region compiled with the best trainers and infrastructure.

4. Digital Vidya

Claimed to be the first to launch Social Media marketing Workshops series in India, it has over 20k+ professionals, from among top peers of best organizations.

Digital Vidya is indulged in providing customized Digital Marketing & Analytics Training programs for organizations that want exponential growth in catering customers and earn a profit through defining career opportunities for job seekers.

5. Digital Marketing Institute

This institute provides a certified framework for graduates for professional diploma, postgraduate, and masters level.

Digital Marketing Institute has taught almost 80 countries to set a global standard compared to other institutions. As internationally recognized, makes candidates land upon a quality job with much-needed accreditation. It has a validated syllabus made of industry-standard which helps the candidates to gain up knowledge of the present industry. Followed by leading digital experts it offers a bright career in digital marketing.

Degree in Digital Marketing

Nowadays digital marketing has set a trend and is now booming like anything. Seeing an exponential growth in the digital world, it is expected to have a significant growth in digital marketing career prospects.

Proper usage of internet merging with the latest technology will always land up in a better digital economy to the country. As for now, scope and development in this particular industry will allow the best career growth in the future ahead.

Some of the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing Are:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the most important technique which gets updated and trendy day by day after google finds of updating in its search engine. This digital marketing trend has brought many of the candidates to indulge in this technique.

SEO activities have been the core part of engaging customers with link building by the SEO experts. There are many opportunities that underlie this trend in generating employment.

2. Social Media Marketing/ Search Engine Marketing (SMM/SEM)

It is a marketing strategy in which social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used to promote the products and services. Lots of people use social media network so this is the fast technique to reach peoples.

This has made an enormous change in the minds of the consumer regarding purchasing or searching for the product. And the candidate designated for this kind of technique is responsible for engaging the customers.

3. Content Writing

Content is the cell of every website.  Good and unique content is the key factor for improving the ranking of any website or web page. If the quality of content is good then visitors will definitely love your website and they share with other people too. Your website gets higher ranking easily.

It is a creation of effective, valuable, consistent content that is distributed to the audience to gain profit out of it. Definitely it has summed up the base of all trends that leads to growth in business. With great content comes great attention from the customer’s point of view.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is referred to as an internet advertising trend that is used to generate traffic through ads in which advertisers pay the publisher whenever the ad is clicked.  

This trend in digital marketing has brought uplift in the process of attaining customers. It is also a technique used in marketing for the promotion of any business.

In this, a service provider is paid for per click on the ads displayed for example Ad Words. In this, ads are displayed on Google network and are paid only when the ad is clicked over. 

5. Affiliate Marketing

This strategy can be of great value to get extra money. It depends on what are you selling.  There is a number of sites that are into affiliate marketing programs and allow you to promote the product. The product should be of high quality; genuine and useful through users deliberately get engaged. 

This all latest trends in digital may help the job seekers in getting all work done into a progressive result. However, some of the major job opportunities lie with these trends also. One should easily avail of those opportunities and take advantage of this uptrend in digital marketing.

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