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Being a freelancer allows you to expand the reach beyond the barriers of fixed office spaces, predefined working hours and a static schedule.

Whether you are in the IT industry working from home or in the writing business, if you have secured a good number of clients, then it’s time to join the list of digital nomads and explore a few freelance destinations.

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Freelancers

Below is a list of the top ten destinations which are ideal for freelancers for earning a living while seeing the world:

1. Prague (Czech Republic)

Well known for the best-hidden gems and finest beer in the world, Prague holds the top position for being one of the most ideal destinations for freelancers.

A combination of historic and vibrant communities, Prague attracts 8.5 million international visitors every year. From historical places to museums, theatres, galleries, and cinemas, this city has everything to entice its visitors.

Prague (Czech Republic)-Destinations for Freelancers

As there are a variety of places to explore for everybody, it’s better to have an extended trip and make the most out of it. With various flexible workspaces and cosy cafes offering good speed internet, this city is a freelancer’s paradise.

Sip on some chilled beer, explore a little, work a little, indulge with the locals, no matter what your mood is Prague will never let you feel disappointed.

2. Berlin (Germany)

Often stated as the centre of modern business opportunities, Berlin has a lot of in-store for freelance travellers. The city is well known for its diverse architecture, modern art, nightlife, festivals and good quality of living.

Being located in one of the safest countries in the world, it has huge potential for people in quest of professional and personal development.

Berlin (Germany)-Destinations for Freelancers

Home to a significant number of industries from various sectors and a state-of-art convention centre, Berlin attracts a lot of international business visitors from different domains all-round the year. Most of the companies in Berlin offer short-term corporate paid contracts for professionals.

So, if you enjoy networking and do not mind taking up a short-term job with your regular freelancing career then this city has a lot of opportunities in store. Apart from an extraordinary nightlife and an astounding history, the city is well built and offers reasonably priced accommodations with options such as private housing and tents at different tourist camps around the city.

3. Chiang Mai (Thailand)

A land of foggy mountains and vibrant hill tribes, Chiang Mai is often crowned as the land of digital nomads. The city attracts a lot of freelancers due to its pleasant weather, scrumptious cuisine and various networking programs specially dedicated to digital nomads.

Chiang Mai (Thailand)

With more than a hundred Buddhist temples, one can also sign-up for the city’s Monk Chat program which allows tourists to speak to young monks and their teachers. To take a break from the screen time, freelancers can even treat themselves to a relaxing Thai massage or visit quirky and lively bars at the end of the day.

As the place is full of digital nomads, it has an incredible number of social groups that continuously provide seminars, training, meetups and other networking opportunities. These opportunities might enhance your experience by giving you a chance to meet with like-minded people from your domain but with different backgrounds.

4. Richmond (Virginia, USA)

If you wish to experience an ordinary side of the American lifestyle while not missing your work deadlines, then Richmond is the perfect place for you. A commercial city with numerous fortune 500 companies, Richmond offers various development and employment opportunities to freelancers.

With several cityscapes, monuments, museums, and parks all over the city have a lot to explore in your free time. The city’s vibrant culture and its fun-filled outdoor activities make this place quite hospitable for freelancers who are looking for an extended getaway.

5. Lisbon (Portugal)

Known for its high-speed wireless connectivity and good coffee, Lisbon is a paradise for digital nomads. As a majority of cafes offer free Wi-Fi access to its customers, one can find people working in different cafes all across the city. Weekly meetups where freelancers get to socialize makes it easy for newbies to get along with new friends and collaborators.

Lisbon (Portugal)

With accommodation, food, and the internet being offered at exceptionally affordable prices, the entire costs of living in this city can be covered at generously reasonable rates. Famous for its great weather and the long stretch of beaches equipped with affordable sea-facing resorts, Lisbon provides freelancers with a refreshing and satiating work and leisure experience.

6. Cape Town (South Africa)

A flourishing tourist destination, Cape Town possesses a solid infrastructure that offers seamlessly wired workspaces for freelancers. Considered as the most cultured city in South Africa, Cape Town is a perfect blend of lifestyle, culture and natural scenery. With numerous volunteering opportunities and freelance positions easily accessible through the internet, this city offers abundant openings to digital nomads.

Cape Town (South Africa)-Destinations for Freelancers

Set amid a breathtaking ocean coastline and different hills and mountains, Cape Town is an incredible place for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. From exploring the interesting neighbourhoods to participating in outdoor adventures, there will never be a dull moment for visitors in this city. The city also acts as an artistic backdrop for bringing out the creative side of freelancers. Nicknamed as the ‘Silicon Cape’, the city also offers numerous Information and Communications Technology initiatives all-round the year.

7. Melbourne (Australia)

Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, is a busy city that is always bustling with a diversified population. Termed as ‘The Silicon Valley of Australia’, this city offers great opportunities to entrepreneurs and budding techies.

Melbourne (Australia)

With a majority of the population depending on coffee to uplift their energy levels, the city is home to abundant coffee shops which also give free high-speed Wi-Fi access. Whether you want to set up your mini-office in a coffee shop or become a member of a shared workspace, you will have ample choices to select your preferred work booth.

The rich cultural diversity and a great geographical location make this place a must-visit for people who want to explore the different sides of the world. When walking across the streets one cannot miss the peculiar street art in every nook and corner of the city. Additionally, the option to extend the working holiday visa for passport holders of countries like the UK, Ireland, and Canada in exchange for three months of work in the regional area of the country makes Australia an ideal travel destination for freelancers.

8. Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Situated in the southern part of Vietnam, Ho Chi Min is the largest city and a commercial hub of Vietnam. An emerging economic destination with a pretty good startup and shared workspace scene make this place more appealing to freelancers from all over the globe.

Due to its immense potential for working nomads, Ho Chi Minh City is coming up with free Wi-Fi across the town. Although the internet connectivity is not up to the mark, with engineers and the government working together on upgrading the digital connectivity, the city is soon going to emerge as a buzzing hub for freelancers.

Boasting its ‘undiscovered’ status as compared to other Asian destinations, this place delights travellers with untouched landscapes and incredibly cheap accommodations. The country’s deep-rooted landscapes and escalating start-up culture make it a heaven for freelancers who wish to work and soak up some greenery.

9. Valencia (Spain)

One of the most ancient cities of Spain, Valencia proudly brags its new and old culture. Abode to the stunning Old Town, pleasant beaches and an emerging craft beer scene this place is a perfect blend of traditional yet modern living.

As many restaurants and cafes offer free Wi-Fi to its guests, depending on their mood, freelancers can binge in some delicious local cuisine or sip a beer while working on their laptops. The excellent public transport and metro connectivity makes it easier for travellers to move around the city with ease.

10. Santiago (Chile)

The dynamic and cosmopolitan capital of Chile, Santiago is full of lively boulevards and edgy neighbourhoods that are perfect for creative nomads who seek variety in life. Having the highest broadband penetration rates, free Wi-Fi is available in a majority of cafes and most of the metro stations across the city. This versatile city has a lot of economical options for freelancers who wish to rent decent accommodation in a good neighbourhood.

Santiago (Chile)

Living as a freelancer while travelling the world is both important and exciting for your personal and professional development. However, the most crucial part is to maintain a fine balance between finishing your work and enjoying your trip as you might not want to miss those important deadlines.

But in the end, it is always worth it to give a try to new adventures in life and challenge yourself to come out as a better version of yourself. Even though, if you have some other destinations on your list, this is the time to leave your home, pack your bags and tick off the places one by one.



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