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The economic downturn has spurred the need for employing a side gig. Along with that some of us do not wish to leave our havens and dance to the tunes of others, fretting to meet the deadlines. Others, wish to accumulate wealth.

To conquer all these issues, two simple techniques pop-up in mind: either tighten up your expenses or earn more! Cutting on your expenses is certainly not a good idea since there is a point where there are no more cuts to make.

Well, hold on before you let that frown grow! There are ways by which you can work from home or in your spare time; you need not be a puppet either, yet you can make a sprawling full-time income or add-on to it.

Freelancing is the ultimate solution to all of the above problems. It is becoming more and more common today. The trip you dream to make, or those appealing shopping items that weighed on your budget and had to be left can be reconsidered!

But freelancing is a bit complicated and has its intricacies. And just because something pays well doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice to adopt as a career. The skill level, the expertise and the quality of your work count a lot.

Nevertheless, here I present you with the list of freelance jobs that are lucrative and can step-up your earnings. There are rumours that freelancers don’t make much, but you can make over $75,000 which is enough to jazz up your life! Act smartly though.

1. Voice Acting

Has your voice ever been complimented? If you have that mellifluous voice that entrances people, it is monetizable.

Voice Acting

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Voice acting is actually an audio performance, such as recording voice-over narration, performing voices for animated characters this can be for films, advertisements, documentaries, foreign language commercials and so on.

Both online video and audio content is bound to grow since they are enthralling and engages the audience. With this, the demand for voice talent freelance job will mushroom. Being congenitally sweet-toned is a great asset but in case you aren’t this skill can be learned, pruned and polished!

2. Software Programmer

Programmers have a high market value because not only the skill involves technicalities but also because there aren’t many good coders out there. The websites and apps you make can be a masterpiece and can help you earn a fortune every month!

The starting could be shaky, but of course, it won’t be long before you get a firm hold on it.

Software Programmer

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3. Content Marketing

In the field of freelancing, content writing is creating a buzz. It is the hottest area to acquire for the freelancers. If you possess a flair for writing and can easily spin a web of words, you can cash your skill and write content for websites or make your mark in blogging or writing articles.

Make sure you read and write a lot to hone your skills because not everyone can produce unique and gripping content. Also, be wary of those who pay you less than you deserve otherwise it will not be fruitful.

Content Marketing

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4. Graphic Designer

The graphic design stands at number two for the most in-demand skill set. With infographic being all the rage. People prefer seeing rather than reading things.

The more descriptive and informative anything is, the more visual guidance is loved. But likewise, you need to study, watch and learn before you begin and even while doing never stop learning.

Graphic Designer

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5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is also an ingenious way to earn from home. Grabbing a website and ranking it high on search engines such as Google is what an SEO does. You have to know and learn the working of link building, ranking high on Google, how Google behaves, etc.

Web sites require to make it to the first few pages of the search engines, and for this, they hire people to handle it for them who is a pro at it. This has opened up massive gates of opportunity for the SEOs.

Google SEO  Freelance Jobs

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6. Translation

As words struggle to overcome the language barrier so that they enlighten everyone, the demand for translators is growing. If you know many languages, it’s better to put it to use as a side gig. Information, stories, news all require being translated from one language to another. French, German, Arabic, and English are specifically more learned.

Multiple Languages  Freelance Jobs

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7. Photography

Even your love for capturing saccharine moments and breath-taking views can help you make bucks! Weddings, birthdays, fashion shows, and other events all are about taking snaps that are either cherished as memory or are used for marketing.

Whichever the case, photographers have a trumpeting demand. Once you have made your name in the field, you are even called to exotic destinations. That’s a wow factor!

8. Human Resource Management

A lot of clients requires human resource management; you can do this job online as well as offline. You need to have a shiny resume with a bit of work experience. Make sure you are connected to the alumni of the HR managers. As freelancing, you can be HR at an executive level.

Human Resources Manager  Freelance Jobs

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9. Sales

This freelance job requires you to create stepping stones for your clients so that they can easily tread on them to build a reputation and name for themselves. You have to draw strategies for promoting the brand, exploit the social media platforms and develop healthy relations with the customers.

10. Teaching and Tutoring

Being erudite and having the skill to deliver knowledge efficiently is a plus point. Through Skype or Google Hangout you can give tuitions to both international students as well as national. Make sure you have command on the subject of your interest and then carry out sessions or give lectures.

Set timings according to your own will and availability. Make sure you impart knowledge in a way that people wouldn’t mind scheduling their day around your sessions.

Online Tutoring Freelance Jobs

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Wrapping it up

Some freelance jobs are more fruitful than the other, but all of the pooled up jobs above are sure to have a perpetuating demand as a gig.

The exceptional success stories might influence some of you, and you have begun to dream of starting up a billion-dollar company overnight.

Hold your horses! You do not get the gist of the stories. All of those revolve around one thing: Hard work!

The recipe for success in freelance jobs is hard work, persistence and a resolve to turn adversities into opportunities. Do not follow a career just because it boasts of high salary and an upgraded lifestyle, choose a path which appeals you. So that when you work, it all comes from the heart.

You will look forward to new tasks every day and will openly embrace the challenges thrown at you. Your burning desire and passion will drive you to new heights and will urge you to learn more.

Be patient because it will take time before you start earning a steady income. You will have to work hard for a short while and maybe end up calling yourself a CEO one day. All will be a piece of cake after that!

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Zoe Lucas is a freelance blogger who loves to write on different niches and is always anxious to travel, her passion for traveling is making her work as a content lead at SolturaTravel!

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