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Gone are the days when mobile app development companies used to use the same technologies for all projects. Now, the availability of many new technologies makes IT companies spend a great amount of time to decide the technology before start working on the project.

In other words, the availability of many technologies simply means that a person has to have knowledge of more than one technology to be recruited in a top IT company.

PHP is the most commonly used technology in the IT industry. However, looking at today’s market, knowing only PHP doesn’t guarantee you a job. You are also required to know every single thing about popular frameworks of PHP.

Because now IT companies highly rely on the frameworks to write code in a particular language as a framework gives structure to the codes and minimizes the lines of code.

As of mid-2019, one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the IT industry is Laravel. Mobile app development companies are recruiting Laravel developers quite often. And most importantly, the earning of the Laravel developers is really good as it is in demand right now.

Sensing the gravity, in this blog, I will discuss top Laravel interview questions and answers. But before that, let me showcase the reasons why you need to learn Laravel in 2019.  

(If you are a developer and already know a bit about PHP and Laravel, you can jump straight onto Laravel interview questions and answers. But if you are a newbie, don’t skip a single line.)

Why You Should Learn Laravel in 2019? 

Every newbie in the IT industry is always curious to know why he should learn Laravel. Whether it will offer him financial security? Whether it will make him ready for the future market? And whether is it really easy?

Here are the answers to all such kinds of questions.

Probably, the first reason you should start learning Laravel is its popularity. PHP is made for the sole purpose of web development and it is still topping the chart.

A total of 39,191,714 live websites are developed using PHP, including some top websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and iStock.

And when it comes to the popularity of the PHP frameworks, there are a lot of popular frameworks. However, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework with around 26% of the total PHP sites are developed using the Laravel framework.

Web Development Framework Popularity-Laravel Interview Questions

Moreover, Laravel is very easy-to-learn. With its numerous packages, you can conclude a code of any complex task in less than 20 lines. And even if you find a hard time to complete the job using Laravel, there is a huge Laravel community out there to help.

Whether it is site deployment on the server or debugging, the Laravel framework is equipped with packages that enable you to perform such complex tasks seamlessly. In fact, the Laravel framework accommodates a few highly useful packages that can develop a whole eCommerce site without the help of custom code.

So, if you are convinced, here are the top Laravel interview questions that are most likely to be asked in your next interview at your dream company.     

Top Laravel Interview Questions and Answers 

Generally, they ask Laravel related questions in different categories like the history of Laravel, versions of Laravel and technical aspects of Laravel.

So, I will also list out the Laravel interview questions in categories.  

Laravel History and Other Basic Definitions  

Question 1: What Is Laravel?


Laravel is the PHP framework. PHP is the programming language, designed for web development. And the framework allows developers to develop web applications easily. It offers the structure and suggests the syntax of the command.  

Question 2: Who Developed Laravel and Is Laravel Open-Source? 


Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and yes, it is an open-source framework.

Question 3: What Is the One Best Property of Laravel?


Laravel supports MVC (model, view, controller) architecture. With MVC, a developer can keep the business logic of UI, and other functions away from each other which makes code clean and enables easy code reading and effortless code maintenance.  

Question 4: What Is a Laravel Package?


 A Laravel package is nothing but the easiest way of adding functionalities in the program. A Laravel package allows developers to achieve a task by writing the easiest code, having minimum lines.

Question 5: What Is the Name of the Laravel Package Library? and How Many Packages Does It Store?


A Laravel package library is called Packalyst and it stores more than 17000 packages.

Questions 6: In Which Language, Laravel Has Been Written?


Since Laravel is the PHP framework, it has been written in PHP language.

Paralanguage-Skills-Paralanguage-Laravel Interview Questions

Questions 7: Which Are the Other PHP Frameworks?


Phalcon, Symfony, and Yii are the rivals of the Laravel. And there are also many other Laravel frameworks, but very few people are using them.

Question 8: Which One Is the Latest Version of the Laravel?


Laravel 6 is the latest version. (As of October 2019)

Question 9: How You Can Check the Current Version of the Installed Laravel?


In order to check the current version of the installed Laravel, you need to write an artisan command in the terminal.

PHP artisan –version

Question 10: What Is a Template Engine and Which One Is Laravel’s Template Engine?


A template engine lets developers create HTML based designs and themes. And in Laravel, Blade is the template engine.

Programming Language

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Technical Aspects of the Laravel

After validating your basic knowledge about Laravel, a recruiter generally asks technical questions of Laravel. So, after cross-verifying them with my company’s recruitment as well as technical teams, I have listed out frequently asked technical questions of the Laravel.  

Question 1: How to Use Select, Update and Delete Statements in Laravel?


For update statement: DB::update(‘update users set user_id=5 where id=?’,[2025]),

For delete statement: DB::delete(‘delete from users where id =?’, [2525]);

For select statement: $users = DB::select(‘select * from users where user_id=?’, 10);

Question 2: What Is the Query Log and How to Enable Query Logging?


A query logger keeps the records of what MySQL is doing. Each SQL statement coming from the client is logged in query logger. To enable query logging, one should write a line of code: DB::connection()->enableQueryLog();

Question 3: What Is the Composer?


The dependency manager in PHP is known as Composer. It pulls in all libraries, and dependencies and stores it in the same place.

Question 4: How to Install Laravel via Composer?


In order to install Laravel with the composer, all you need to do is, write the following command in the terminal.

composer create-project Laravel/Laravel your-project-name version

Question 5: What Is PHP Artisan?


PHP artisan is nothing but a command-line interface tool. And it is available in Laravel too. With it, a developer can type simple commands in terminal and satisfy many tasks.

Most popular PHP artisan commands are PHP artisan tinker, PHP artisan list, and PHP artisan help.

Question 6: What Is the by Default Database in Laravel and How to Change It?


Mysql is the default database in Laravel and to change it, find config/database.php file. In it, search for ‘default=>’MySQL’. Here, change ‘MySQL’ to your database name.

Question 7: How to Get Information About the Logged in Users in Laravel? 


To get the information of the logged-in users, the User() function is used.





Question 8: What Is Maintenance Mode and How to Enable It in Laravel?


Maintenance mode in Laravel can be used when one needs to modify the site. When you active maintenance mode on the site, users see maintenance messages as soon as they open your site.

To enable maintenance mode, you just need to give an artisan command. (PHP artisan down)

And to disable maintenance mode, give the command, PHP artisan up.

Question 9: Which Are the Databases Laravel Supports?


As of now, Laravel supports 4 major databases. These include SQL Server, SQLite, Postgres, and MySQL.

Question 10: Can Someone Hack Laravel Application?


No, no one can ever hack Laravel application as Laravel has inbuilt CSRF security and encrypted sessions and cookies

In the Nutshell  

It is always recommended to keep your skills synced with the market trend to get hired quickly.

For instance, Laravel is the most popular web development technology which is being used by all app development companies. So, to get hired easily, you need to pay heed to Laravel.

However, while deciding the technology which you are going to learn, you need to make sure of the future of that technology. In our case, Laravel is the technology which is not likely to disappear in the near future.

Meaning, it is a safe bet to spend time to learn Laravel and be recruited by top IT firms.


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Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading PHP app development company which offers hire Laravel developer service. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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